/ How to make curls with a straightener in a few minutes?

How to make curls with a straightener in a few minutes?

How to make curls with a straightener? It is not difficult to master this technology. Currently, you can purchase professional hair straighteners, with which you can create a variety of hairstyles.

how to make curls with a straightener
Learn the technique of laying, and you no longer havethere will be a question on how to make curls with the help of a straightener. Locks are created in a few minutes and do not require special skills, you only need the desire and patience.

By purchasing a professional hair straightener, you get the opportunity to make not only curls, but also spirals or soft waves.

It is extremely important to correctly apply hair straighteners to create charming and unique strands. It is recommended to purchase rectifiers thinner, because they are more convenient to use on hair roots.

Pay special attention to the surface of the forceps - it must be ceramic. When creating curls, you need to use a special hair spray, which will protect the hair from damage.

Let's consider in more detail how to make curls with the help of a rectifier.

professional hair straighteners
Volume with curls on the tips of hair. To create this hairstyle you need to washhair, apply a small amount of mousse and blow dry. Since the curls on the tips you will do with the rectifier, do not forget about the protective spray. It is necessary to start with the separation of hair into small strands, each of which must be fixed with forceps, turn slightly upward, and then remove. This procedure must be done with all the curls. In the end, curls must be fixed with lacquer.

curls with a rectifier
Surely several times you were visited by the question of how to make curls. With the help of a rectifier, soft waves. To do this, you will need the simplestrectifier. The faster you will force the forceps through your hair, the freer will be the waves on your head. To create this hairstyle, you need to divide the hair into strands. Each must be placed in the straightener and, moving from the middle of the strand to the tip, rotate the forceps. Accuracy is the main secret of obtaining clear waves. Lay this way every curl, distribute in this order, as you like, and fix it with lacquer.

The most common styling - perfect curls with the help of a rectifier. How to make curls of perfect shape? To create them you need any tongs. Before dividing all the hair into small ringlets, it is necessary to assemble the entire hair into one large bundle and leave several sections free. It is best to start with the hair located behind, so that the front strands do not interfere with you. To create real curls, it is best to take small strands, very thin, and start right away from the roots of the hair. It is necessary to lay neatly the hair in the forceps and gently rotate, smoothly approaching the roots. If you have a bang, you do not need to curl it, you just need to pack it with a hair dryer and a round comb. If you find that some curly hair has turned out badly, do not get upset, wait a few minutes until it cools, and then try again. At the end, it is necessary to apply a varnish or mousse, which fixes the curls.

We hope, now it is clear to you how to make curls with the help of an erector.</ strong </ p>

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