/ How to straighten hair at home? We reveal all the secrets of beauty!

How to straighten hair at home? We reveal all the secrets of beauty!

how to straighten hair at home
What to do when you want smooth, silky,absolutely straight hair? The current novelties of cosmetic and technical progress help to easily realize this dream in life, completely transformed. For example, many know about the keratin hair straightening service, almost every girl at home has a curl or ironing ... But not every lady is aware of how to straighten her hair without harm. What are the nuances in self-packing, how to protect the hair from harmful effects and, finally, in what ways can you achieve the magic smoothness of the curls? Let's look at it together.

The first is protection

Before straightening hair in the homeconditions, it is necessary to apply a thermal protective agent to the locks, which will cover them with a "protective shell". It is important not to overdo the amount, otherwise after styling the hair will appear dirty. How to straighten hair at home and choose the right thermal protective cosmetics? It is important that the remedy contains silk proteins, vitamins and elements that support the hydrolipid balance of the head of hear. Dry hair needs a thermal barrier, containing keratin and wheat protein. The most convenient option is a spray. There are heat-protective fluids-shines, giving the hair a charming diamond shine. Means containing silicone, despite a good protective effect, heavier curls and interfere with normal metabolic processes in the scalp.

as a hair drier straighten your hair

Nuances of self-styling

How to straighten hair at home beautifully? If previously the hair on the occipital part is divided into thin strands, then the laying will be more smooth. It is convenient to make packing by fixing the strings with a mini crab or a clip. Hair needs to be straightened from the roots to the tips. If there is a bang, then you need to start with it. Having laid hair on the occipital part of the head, proceed to the parietal. Comb your hair well and fix it with varnish. Remember that straighten hair with iron, when they are wet, you can not - so you do a great harm to their structure.

how to straighten hair without harm


How to straighten hair at home? Iron is the easiest way. When choosing a styling tool, it is better to buy a model with ceramic plates and a good temperature regulator. The current ironing can straighten the curls in one motion, so keeping the rectifier on one zone for a long time is not worth it. The recommended temperature for equalizing the hair is 120 degrees.


How to blow your hair straightener? Hot styling in this way with the use of round brashing is still relevant. Hair must be divided into thin strands, otherwise the curls will not miss the hot air. Currently, there are special hairdryers for straightening curls with special combing-ironing. Just a few turns, and ... voila! Curls qualitatively straightened. While styling with a conventional hair dryer, use round brashing. Wrap it with a string and direct the hot air, then pull the hair from the roots to the tips.

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