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What to do? There is no sound on the Internet. Solve the problem

Very often users of computing systemsit is necessary to solve the simplest at first glance questions, such as, for example, "what to do, there is no sound on the Internet." Imagine, sometimes such problems pose even the real computer gurus with years of experience.

what to do on the Internet there is no sound
Today we will answer the question: "What to do? There is no sound on the Internet".

Similarities and differences

As you know, in modern operating systemsIt is impossible to refer the program directly to the functions of executing devices, bypassing kernel modules. Consequently, in the topic under consideration, the sound, if it exists at all, must be present throughout the system. In other words, if there is no sound when browsing the Internet, you need to make sure that the audio playback works in applications. For example, it is enough to run a movie, music, game, etc. In case of silence, the reason should be sought in:

- audio adapter (not prohibited in the BIOS or device manager);

- Columns or headphones (sometimes it is enough to fix the accidentally touched plug);

- System volume settings, speaker configuration and the assignment of the main playback device ("Start - Control Panel - Sound").

Nevertheless, the problem "What to do? On the Internet there is no sound "is not always solved so simply. Most often, the reason is different, and the solution differs from that which is applicable to normal applications.

when browsing the Internet, there is no sound
It's time to change the program

Since to view the pages (includinginteractive) in the global network uses a specialized application - the browser, it is obvious that for various problems, the first thing to check is the availability of the resource in alternative products. If the page should play audio, but in fact there is silence in the speakers, you do not need to read about how to adjust the sound on the Internet, but change the browser. For example, if there is no sound in Internet Explorer, you must open the same resource in Firefox, Chrome, or another browser. Very often such a simple action is incredibly effective. The inability to work correctly with the contents of some pages is due to the partial support of standards by the browser itself. We recommend that you open the site html5test.com and, checking the result in your browsers, choose the most progressive.

how to set up a sound on the Internet
Audio volume in applications

On Windows systems from Vista to 8 is providedThe ability to independently adjust the volume of each application. So, if you can not figure out the question: "What to do? There is no sound on the Internet ", then when the page is open, press the right button on the speaker image in the system tray and select" Open Mixer Volume ". Here, you should make sure that the sound intensity for running programs is not too low.

And again tocobs

Often the playback of audio fromInternet pages occur through the installed in the system software modules-handlers. Obviously, if they are absent, there will be no sound. Although the owners of resources in one way or another put visitors aware of the need to install a program, sometimes it turns out to be unnoticed. We recommend that each Internet user pre-download and install the following programs:

Adobe Flash Player from the current version;

- Java virtual machine corresponding to the operating system bit depth (32 or 64).

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