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What if there is no sound on the Internet?

A computer with Internet connected to it isa faithful assistant to modern man. Developing technologies help people to learn any interesting information, as well as work, study, rest or even spend time with friends.

there is no sound on the Internet

Only serviceable work of all elements of the system andnetwork allows you to fully use the necessary functions. Therefore, in order not to disrupt the course of the planned events and not lead other people, any problem, such as the fact that there is no sound on the Internet, must be resolved in a timely manner.

no sound in the browser

A conscious approach and a thoughtful study of the causesbreakages will help solve the problem on its own in a few minutes. So, to quickly fix a situation in which there is no sound in the browser, or to avoid it in the future, the first thing to understand is why did this happen?

Of course, the sound disappeared unnecessarily due to the penetration of virus programs into the system. Most often, the source of the fault lies on the surface and can be detected without the help of professionals.

The most common cause of the situation, whenwhich does not have a sound on the Internet, is the lack of an installed Flash-player. And in some cases it may be necessary to update it. This shortage is easily and quickly replenished - you will need to install the latest version of the corresponding program or update the existing one. Any of these operations is performed in a few clicks and is absolutely free.

Quite often the reasons for silence can bebrowser. If there is no sound in the opera or another program for browsing the web resources, you need to check the sound settings of the browser you are using. Basically they are individual for each such program, but it will not be difficult to understand them.

no sound in opera

If after this there is still no sound in theInternet, then, most likely, it's in the operating system of the computer. Probably, there are not enough drivers or their versions completely outdated and require updating. You can test your device for the functionality of the software responsible for sound, using the appropriate utility. It automatically detects and replenishes the lack of drivers. A program of this type is easy to find.

Of course, the reason that there is no sound on the Internet,can also be covered in the fact that the elements of the machinery are mechanically damaged. In this case, you need to check whether the speakers are connected correctly, if the wires are corrupted. If the laptop or computer has been subjected to impacts or falls, then there is a need to turn over the equipment for repair to a specialized service center.

Thus, the problem of the absence of sounds whenwork on the Internet can be eliminated without assistance by reinstalling the Flash player, audio drivers, checking all the relevant settings. When all these items are analyzed, you must restart the computer. The problem should disappear. Otherwise, you will have to give her more time and get help from specialists to the repair and technical support center.

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