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The game Skyrim. No sound? We are looking for a solution

Often, launching on the computer the long-awaited"toy", you can meet a number of problems that spoil the whole impression of the game. For example, some do not have sound when starting TES: V Skyrim. In this article, we consider the possible causes of this problem and the ways to solve them.

Strangely enough, but most often the problemis that the game comes with a lowered volume by default, i.e. if the sound of the system is quiet enough, you will feel that Skyrim does not have sound at all, although in fact it will simply be too quiet. Therefore, experiment with the volume level for a start.

skyrim no sound
If the first method does not help, we turn tothird-party programs. Usually, when fully installed, the game itself exposes all the necessary parameters. Sometimes, however, due to failures or user intervention, you have to make settings manually. Most often, when there is no sound in Skyrim, the cause is an unreached DirectX. Spend a little time and install it from the files that come with the game.

Try again to play in Skyrim. Is there no sound now? Then go to the next point - to update the game. Install all the necessary patches (in the "toy" they are cumulative, so you can get by installing the newest). Patches correct a lot of mistakes both in gameplay and in technical terms. Go to the official site of the game and check if you have the latest version of Skyrim. It does not hurt to check and configure the game on Steam - it's quite possible that the item "Automatic update" is disabled.

skyrim there is no sound
If after all the actions you have taken, youthere is still no sound in Skyrim, so the problem is not in the game, but in your computer. Sound card drivers usually do not need constant updating, but still browse the manufacturer's website and install the latest version to make sure the sound card is working properly.

In the case when nothing helps, there is onlyRe-install the game completely, in the hope that an error occurred during the installation. But, in order to avoid the repeated problems associated with the fact that there is no sound in Skyrim, install the game neatly: first, remove the "toy" by standard means, and then clean the registry with special programs. Secondly, during the installation, disable the anti-virus and other resource-intensive applications for a while. Then install the game again and check for the presence of sound effects.

no sound in skyrim
Still silence? Then check the configuration of your speaker system. Try to start the game using the standard settings and in the usual stereo mode. If the sound appears, then it's time to adjust the surround sound system or even play at all in the headphones.

If all of the above does not help, playnormally it is not possible, then contact the game support team. Describe the problem in detail and mark the message with the subject "Skyrim. No sound". It is possible that you will be helped to solve problems on a professional level.

These tips, though focused on Skyrim, butwith a high degree of probability will be suitable for troubleshooting with sound for any game. Do not forget to restart your computer after the drivers are updated or changing the system settings for the changes to take effect.

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