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What to do if the sound rattles on the laptop

The most common owners of laptops and computersfaced with one problem, and this problem is associated with the playback of music and video, when there is audible extraneous noise. But most often the sound rattles on the laptop. This article details how to fix all problems and which programs can be downloaded to improve the sound quality on a laptop or computer.

Solving problems with sound

the sound rattles on the laptop
What should I do if I wheeze a sound on my laptop? First of all, it is necessary to understand why this problem occurred, which could cause such defects of sound reproduction. These problems can be caused by both hardware and software. You can check everything using LiveCD with Ubuntu. This is a quick diagnosis that is responsible for a laptop malfunction. If after the diagnosis of the problem with the sound remained, then this is a hardware problem. And this means that your laptop will have to be taken for repair. If you do not have extra money for repairs, then you can try to fix it yourself. But if the diagnostics showed that everything is fine, then this is a problem in Windows and drivers.

Sound Drivers

Initially, check to see if yourlaptop function of licking and DMA, they will improve system performance. If after that still the sound rattles on the laptop, the next step that you need to do is update the sound drivers to other devices. The most common cause is the outdated drivers for sound, the network card and the Wi-Fi adapter. All drivers can be downloaded for free. After updating the drivers, does the sound still wheeze on the laptop? If so, then in rare cases, Dolby sound improvement technology may be to blame for this. Of course, these technologies are not on all laptops. Go into the speaker properties and turn off this technology.

program to improve the sound on the laptop

Updating codecs

You did all the work that was outlinedhigher, but does the sound wheeze on the laptop all the same? Then there was one more chance - you need to update the codecs. You can download and update codecs on the Internet. Another option is to buy CDs in specialized stores. If that did not help, then maybe your laptop is overheating, so there's a problem with the sound. Very rarely, problems with sound can be due to a flaw in the BIOS, try to update it. If all these methods did not help to fix your mistake, then it's better to turn the laptop over for repair, maybe the masters will be able to fix it. Tell them that the sound on the laptop is gone. What to do, they probably know. They will tell you everything in detail and show, and they will eliminate all the problems.

Missing sound

Very often there are such questions: the sound on the laptop was gone, what to do? Or why there is no sound on the laptop? Such a problem at least once in my life, but every computer owner has had it.

lost sound on laptop what to do

In order for the sound to appear, it is sufficient to fulfill several requirements:

  • First try rebooting your computer. Most often the sound appears after this.
  • If after the reboot nothing has changed, then try to check the external speakers, if everything is properly connected, whether the volume control is turned on, etc.
  • Check the Windows sound to see if it is disabled.
  • You can also check the system settings. They are in the Start - Control Panel - Sound, check all the settings.
  • Perhaps you need to update the driver, for this go to the device manager, there you will see the tab "Sound, video and game devices." Click Update Driver.
  • Scroll through the sound buttons on the laptop, perhaps the sound is reduced by them.

All of the above actions should help you in resolving your problem.

Sound Enhancement Programs

Perhaps to fix your problems you will need a program to improve the sound on the laptop. This article contains sound enhancement programs that are designed for different purposes.

What to do if wheezy sound on the laptop
They have their destiny andadvantages. All users of laptops get used to a good sound, and without programs it does not sound as good as we would like. Therefore, the program for improving the sound on the laptop should be for everyone. After you start using these programs, you will enjoy the excellent and high-quality sound. So, what is this wonder program?

Programs that change the characteristics of audio files and audio streams, as well as expert programs in improving the sound

  • StereoTool 7 improves the sound quality by increasing and tuning the audio signal. Fine tunes the sound according to various parameters.
  • Hear 1 improves multimedia playback. Multifunctional, music sounds different, it's a real expert in improving the sound.
  • Breakaway Audio Enhancer improves the sound quality on all sound cards. Creates a virtual professional sound on the laptop. After that, the sound gets better and is adjusted according to different criteria.
  • DFX is the best sound enhancement plug-in forlaptop, is designed for the player "Winamp". Improves the settings for frequency sound characteristics. Gives new quality to music with various special effects, creates surround sound, there is a super bass mode.
  • RazerSurround7.1 - a program created especially for fans to play various games, improving the sound signal in the headphones, not depending on their quality. Virtual channel sound 7.1 is created in the settings. Players themselves can adjust the sound to suit themselves, to do so, as it will be better for them.

sound buttons on laptop

The article did not collect all the programs that can improve the sound on your computer, but only the best ones.

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