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Sound amplifier with own hands

Not every averagethe user of the personal computer is sensitive to the quality of the sound that the speakers connected to his digital friend produce. Many feel quite satisfied with the quiet and not very clean sound that cheap speakers can provide. At the same time, the expensive equipment market is growing every year, and a growing number of people prefer high-quality and powerful sound. One of the main components of the audio system is the amplifier. At the same time, this is one of the most expensive devices. Those who do not have enough money to buy equipment in expensive acoustics stores, you can advise making a sound amplifier yourself. In addition, this advice can be useful to those who love to make something with their own hands. How to make a sound amplifier? Is it difficult? In fact, of course, you will need some skills, as well as some knowledge of electronics.

Power amplifiers with their own hands aredifferent. Therefore, those who decided to make a sound amplifier with their own hands should first of all determine what this device needs in general and with what devices it will be used. If the amplifier is intended for headphones or a subwoofer, you will need one set of components, if for a sound card, then completely different. Below is a list of components that you will need to make a sound amplifier yourself.

So the list is necessary in order tomake a sound amplifier with your own hands, is represented by a good amplifier circuit (similar to a lot on the Internet), the ability to properly solder (in case of absence, you need to learn from more experienced friends or read textbooks); necessary parts, the list of which depends on the chosen amplifier circuit. In most cases, these parts are represented by a digital receiver, a DAC, an operational amplifier, a microcircuit stabilizer, an active filter, a printed circuit board, a housing characterized by a suitable type and size.

After each component is acquiredand laid out on the desktop, you can begin the assembly. Do not forget that quality is worth the money, so buying the cheapest items can hardly be a good advice, since you can forget about good sound in this case. After all, an amplifier with its own hands is created in order to ensure the unsurpassed pure sound of the audio system, so it's better to spend more initially than not to get the desired results in the future.

It is necessary to start with a printed circuit board, or rather itstraining. It can be produced independently, but it is better to purchase this most important component together with the rest of the system. In addition, you can order a printed circuit board from people who have sufficient experience in making similar devices. In general, it does not matter how the board will be received, the main thing is that it be made qualitatively with the use of the appropriate components. After the board and the other components are ready, the amplifier is easy to assemble, using the available circuit, this will not be difficult. The main thing to do everything carefully and clearly following the scheme.

When each component from the list will bemounted and fixed in its place, every detail will be carefully soldered, and the quality of the soldering is checked, you can proceed to connect the amplifier to the audio system. Do not forget that, although the amplifier is an important component of the audio system, the rest of its parts should also be at a high level. Only then it is possible to achieve a high-quality and powerful sounding of the whole system as a whole, and therefore, to fully experience the joy and satisfaction of one's own work.

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