/ Jam in cans poured hot or cold? And how right?

Jam in cans pour hot or cold? And how right?

With the onset of summer, each hostess triesstock up more jam for the winter. This is not only sweet, but also a source of vitamins and minerals, as well as protection from infections and viruses. And how many fragrant pies, bagels and cookies will be made on winter evenings from such blanks! The main thing is not to miss the moment, to weld the jam properly, saving all its useful properties, but preventing possible souring of the product.

jam in cans poured hot or cold

For beginners

This is the simplest preparation, it will cope with iteverything. Banks behave calmly, they do not swell the lids. And all because there is a lot of sugar in the jam and it boils down gradually, in several stages. Chances he does not have a chasm, unless the basic rules of procurement have been violated. In particular, young housewives are interested in hot or cold jam bottled in jars.

General rules

To ensure that the process of harvesting for the winterpleased, you need to constantly select new recipes, so that there is an element of surprise: and what of it will turn out? Today this is not a problem, at your service e-books with recipes, forums and specialized sites. They differ in the possibility of sharing experiences. Here, the hostesses will share how they perform the workpiece, they pour the jam into cans hot or cold.

hot or cold jam over jars

Berry picking

That the finished dessert is excellentqualities, you need to provide yourself with the best berries. To do this, they are collected in warm and dry weather. If you do this in the rain, then the berries will absorb a lot of moisture, fall apart, and the delicacy will be watery. The whole collection should be the same in ripeness, then it will turn out much tastier. In parallel with the berries you need to choose the dishes in which you will pour the finished product. Usually it is a glass jar. From their preparation will directly depend, pour the jam into cans hot or cold.

Before cooking

Berries or fruits need to be washed and pouredgranulated sugar. They should stand for 3-4 hours to start the juice. If the jam is from a cherry, some mistresses prefer to get bones from the berries, which can be done with a special machine. The jars at this time are well washed and prepared for sundecking.

Meanwhile, the berries are poured into a wide bowl. Ideal is a small basin. It is best to use bowls for 2-4 kg. In a large container, tender berries lose their shape. Do not forget that the cooking container should be perfectly clean. Do not use the basin, if it has rust or stains of oxide. At this stage you need to decide whether to pour jam into cans hot or cold.

how to pour a jam hot or cold

Preparation of dishes

Well-washed jars are put on the table forinspection. It is very important now to notice any defect on the glass and immediately eliminate such packaging in order to prevent damage to the product. Actually, if the crack is small, then it is permissible to store jam in it. But in this case it is better to leave it in the refrigerator.

To keep jam in the room, you need bettertake care of its safety. In this case, it will be best to carefully sterilize each jar. For this, you can use a kettle, oven or microwave. Proceeding from this, it is already possible to decide how to pour jam, hot or cold. Well-cooked delicacy can be put into sterile jars even cold, nothing will come of it.

jam should be poured hot or cold

First - syrup

Our goal is to cook not only delicious, but alsoa useful treat. Therefore, you need to start with the preparation of syrup. Put sugar and water in a bowl and bring to a boil. Once the crystals completely disperse, you can lay berries and cook for 5 minutes on low heat.

Be sure to remove the foam with a noise. By the way, it's very tasty. Children will gladly eat it with tea. To the berries do not wrinkle, after five minutes the pelvis is removed from the fire. After cooling, the mixture is heated again. From the number of approaches also depends, hot or cold pour jam on the banks. Pyatiminutku must be poured immediately after cooking, rolled up and cleaned under a warm blanket. And if you brewed berries in 4 approaches, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

Future plans

Already picking berries, the hostess knows that sheplans to do with blanks. Something can be left for tea, that is, eat right now. And the part should be kept until the cold. Proceeding from this, jam should be poured hot or cold. For direct eating, most often make a five-minute snack, which is not rolled up, but stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is better to pour it hot, it will help to destroy all the bacteria that survived after washing. In addition, such a measure allows you to save time on sterilizing cans. The temperature of boiling jam is very high, it will completely replace the heating in the oven or steam.

how to properly cast jam hot or cold

For storage for the winter

To ensure that it is not zakasogo in the processstorage, only two things are important. The first is a sufficient amount of sugar. If it is not enough, even prolonged boiling will not help. Therefore, act strictly according to the prescription. The second point is the length of cooking. You can just turn on the fire and boil the mixture for 20 minutes. It will be stored normally, but will look like jam. Therefore, you need to step-by-step approach to cooking. That is, 3-5 minutes heat, then completely cool for three hours. The preparation takes more than a day, but then it will stand at room temperature. As you can see, it is difficult to say unequivocally how to properly cast jam, hot or cold. It all depends on your plans for it.

how best to pour the jam hot or cold

Willingness of jam

Before the end of cooking it is necessarymake sure that the product is completely ready. To do this, carefully stir the jam. If it is ready, then the berries are evenly distributed in the syrup, and do not float upward. Take a drop of syrup, cool on a saucer and rub between your fingers. If a thread is formed, it can be turned off. In addition, the drop on the saucer does not spread, but keeps its shape.

How to close the can

If the jam is for longstorage, it must completely cool down. Then it is poured into clean, dry dishes. But a metal lid is best not to use. It is best to use parchment paper and twine. Glass jars are thoroughly washed with soda, dried and kept above the steam. After that, the cold jam is placed in hot jars. You will need to store it in a dry room. The procedure is quite simple. On the jar put parchment, on top a circle of cardboard and again parchment. Stretch the moistened twine, which, when dried, blocks the flow of air into the jar. Some housewives use a different technique. They pour the jam hot and cork under the metal cover. In fact, how best to pour jam - hot or cold, we have already described. The rest depends on your personal preferences.

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