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How to cook jam from nectarine: a recipe for preserving large pieces of peach

Jam from peaches can be attributed to the categorydelicacies. It has an amazing delicate taste and an excellent aroma. However, it should be noted that not all types of this fruit are well suited for conservation, since some of them have a fleecy cover, which makes it difficult to work with it. That's why jam is made from peaches and nectarines, which have a smooth peel. This greatly facilitates the work with this product. It should be noted that it is nectarine that has a dense flesh and a special aroma that turns jam from it into a real culinary masterpiece.

jam from a nectarine recipe

For this dish you will need:

- peach nectarine - 2 kg;

- granulated sugar - 1 kg;

- water - 1 glass.

Selection and preparation of products

To make a delicious jam from nectarine,the recipe of which presupposes the preservation of fruits in the most general form, it is first necessary to choose the right peaches. They should not be ripe or green. In this case, the fruits should not be clearly marked damage or wormholes.

how to cook jam from nectarines
First of all, they must be thoroughly washed andthen dry it. Then the fruit is cut in half, removing the bones from them. It should be noted that jam from nectarine, the recipe of which presupposes the use of almost whole fruits, can be prepared from halves, but it is better to cut the peaches into two or three parts so that the peaches are well-saturated. It is in this form and will prepare this jam, while retaining the maximum amount of useful substances.


First you need to prepare the syrup. It is made from water and sugar, heating them in a saucepan. In this case, you can increase the amount of liquid if the resulting mixture is too thick. It is in it that jam from nectarine will be prepared. The recipe suggests that the syrup will need to be poured into sliced ​​peaches, and then let it brew for several hours, until it cools down completely.

jam from peaches and nectarines
When the dish becomes cold, it is put on fireand brought to a boil. Cook it should be no more than ten minutes, after which it is again allowed to cool. Many chefs believe that jam from nectarine, the recipe of which involves the use of large pieces, will be ready after the first cooking, but for greater confidence this process needs to be repeated again. However, it is in the hot form it should be placed on the banks, so they need to be prepared in advance.


After the dish is ready, it is necessaryto pack on sterilized jars. They immediately need to be closed with special lids and turned over. Many recipes, telling how to make jam from nectarines, miss this moment, although it is quite important. The fact is that the cooling mass creates a back pressure in the jar, and if they are not turned over, air can get inside. At the same time, it is necessary to cover the dishes with a thick towel or blanket, so that the cooling takes place evenly and gradually. After the cans become room temperature, they can be placed in a dark and cool place for long-term storage.

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