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Cherry jam

Cherries intended for canning,should be with pedicels. This protects the fruit from rapid damage and leakage of juice. To prevent cherry jam from changing color during storage, it is recommended to close it only with lacquered lids.

Cherry jam pitted in 2 doses. From the washed fruits, remove the bones, and then pour 60% sugar syrup. Sugar is taken at the rate of 1.05 kg
per kilogram of cherries. The remaining sugar is added for each cooking.
Cherry jam is cooked in this way in two steps. Fruits filled with syrup,
withstand at least five hours, and thenthe contents are filtered through a sieve or colander. Part of the remaining sugar is added to the syrup and boiled for at least 20 minutes. In the syrup, the cherry fruit is again lowered and held for about 5 hours. The operation is repeated and then the cherry jam is cooked until ready. The temperature of the boiling syrup should be at least 105 degrees.

Ready jam in boiling form is poured over hot dry jars, which are sealed with hermetically lacquered tin lids. Banks need to be turned downside down and cooled.

Cherry jam without pits can be welded and in 1reception. To do this, the cherry needs to be poured with boiling syrup, which is prepared based on 1 kg of cherries glass of water and 1.5 kg of sugar. Filled with syrup fruits should be kept for at least 3 hours, and then cook until ready. Jam is packed in sterilized
banks, tightly sealed and turned over, cooled.

Cherry jam with bones

In order for the syrup to penetrate faster into the cherries withbones, they must be problanshirovat in boiling water for about 1.5 minutes. Then the fruits are poured with 40% sugar syrup and insisted at room temperature for about 7 hours. This jam is prepared in three stages. Sahara is taken at a rate of 1 kilogram per
kilogram of fruit. The remaining granulated sugar is divided into 3 parts and added at
each cooking. After the first exposure, the cherry is thrown back on a strainer or colander. Add a third of the remaining sugar to the syrup and boil it for about 15 minutes. After that, the cherries are dropped into the syrup and held for 7 hours more. The operation is repeated twice more. The prepared jam is packed in sterile jars, sealed and slowly cooled.

Cherry jam with raspberries

For this cherry jam can be taken with a bone and without it. For one kilogram of cherries take about 200 grams. raspberries and 1 kg of granulated sugar. This jam is prepared in the same way as the cherry.

Cherry jam with gooseberry

Cherry practically does not have gellingproperties, so in order to get a more dense consistency, cherry jam is added with various berries and fruits at the end of cooking. Prepared cherries need to remove bones and chop the fruits in a meat grinder or in a blender. Cherries are laid in enameled dishes and sugar is added at the rate of 1.05 kg per kilogram
fruits. The mass must be boiled until ready to stir constantly to
avoid burning. In the end, add juice or chopped gooseberry fruit at a rate of 150 gr. for every kilogram of cherries.

Cherry jam with red currant

The consumption of products and the technology of cooking thisjam is the same as with gooseberry. In the jam at the very end of the cooking, add crushed red currant. The currant must be removed all twigs and stems, and then chop it in any convenient way.

Cherry compote

For the preparation of cherry compote, it is necessarysort by size, soak in cold water for two hours, and then place in a cool place. For the preparation of compote, fruits of different colors and varieties are not recommended for mixing. Prepared fruit is poured into clean jars and poured 60% with hot syrup. Banks should be covered with boiled lids and sterilized 3-liter cans 45 minutes, liter - 20 minutes.

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