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How to brew jam from a cherry

Jam from cherries can be prepared in different ways. With ossicles it turns out more curative and fragrant, after all in them the set of useful substances contains. But, if you store it for future use or use it for feeding young children, then it is better to cook jam from the cherries without pits.

A classic variant of making jam fromcherry begins with the harvesting of berries. It is better to collect them in dry and sunny weather. Berries collected after the rain, contain more moisture and quickly deteriorate, so they are more practical to use for the preparation of jams or compotes.

A sweet cherry jam from pitted cherries is obtained from ripe strong berries, which are best collected on the day of harvesting.

Then the berries should be washed well, drained of excessliquid, remove debris, bones and leave to dry a little. Then berries are covered with sugar at a rate of 1: 1 and left for several hours until the formation of juice. In the cooking container, carefully shift them along with the juice and the remaining sugar. Prepare the jam first on high heat, and after boiling it is thoroughly mixed and continue to cook on medium heat at a time. It is important to constantly remove the formed foam, so that in the future the jam is not procrastinated.

To make jam from the cherries without pits turned out more delicious, at the end of cooking add on the tip of a teaspoon of citric acid. She and the product will better save and taste good.

The most painstaking and complex procedureis the process of extracting bones from berries. At the present time, various electric and simple mechanical devices have been invented and are available to take out the bones from the cherry. If they are not available, you can use a hairpin. Tearing berries and hands to remove stones is unreasonable because of the large loss of juice. Such jam will be more dense and dry taste. Adding water will not improve its taste.

A fragrant and bright cherry, from which cooked jammany housewives according to their recipes, is useful in itself. The berries contain many vitamins P, A, C, PP, pectin, iron, organic acids. Cherry lifts the mood, improves digestion, improves the condition with anemia, hypertension, arthritis and heart disease.

If the young housewife manages to cook jam fromcherries, then she gets real pleasure already in the process of cooking it. Increasingly popular is the recipe for cherry jam cooked on syrup.

To do this, first a syrup of one and a halfglasses of water and one and a half kilograms of sugar. In the boiling syrup throw clean berries of cherries without pits and bring to a boil. After that, the pelvis is removed from the fire and left for 5-8 hours to soak the berries. Jam is cooked in several receptions of 15 minutes. The last time is brought to readiness, which is determined by the non-dripping drop on the flat surface of the saucer.

Ready jam is poured hot inSterile cans and roll under the covers. After that they turn over the cans, wrap them up and leave them to cool down. This helps to check the quality of the closures and additionally sterilizes the caps. There are other ways of packaging jam. You can put liter cans of pasteurized in a large container of boiling water for 15 minutes, then cover the roll.

The most useful option when cherry jamwithout pits is prepared quickly. Berries fall asleep with sugar at the rate of one kilogram of cherry pound per kilogram and leave to stand for 5 hours. After that, cook on low heat, not forgetting to mix and take a tasty and fragrant foam on a saucer. Fire is turned off, once again remove the excess foam and roll up the jars with hot jam.

In our family, they prefer to cook cherryjam on syrup, in several receptions. The prepared product is poured into cans and allowed to cool, covering them with clean sheets of paper. Then close with ordinary plastic covers and store in a dark and cool pantry room.

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