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How to cook a delicious salad of green tomatoes for the winter

From green tomatoes, which are collected in autumna large number, you can prepare various blanks for the winter. They are salted and marinated entirely in cans and barrels. But adding other ingredients you can prepare a delicious salad of green tomatoes for the winter. I offer several recipes for this dish.

If the tomatoes do not have time to ripen, then cookof them a delicious salad. It will take a little ingredients and a little more time to make a tomato salad for the winter. Take 3 kilograms of green tomatoes and cut them into small slices. Add to them 1.5 kilograms of carrots, which you need to clean and grate, better large. The same number of onions cut into half rings. All the vegetables are mixed and sprinkled with 100 grams of salt, cooked. Stir and leave for about 10 or 12 hours.

Then pour 300 grams of any oil into the panvegetable, as much vinegar 9% of the table, the same amount of sugar and a few peppercorns. You can add a bay leaf. We put the pan on the fire and let the marinade boil. If a lot of liquid is formed in the vegetables, the excess is drained off. Fill the salad with a hot marinade and put it on the fire. Do not forget to mix. Cook the stock for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, we need to wash and dry the jars. We pour out salad from green tomato for the winter in cans and close with metal covers.

From this vegetable can be prepared and lecho, whichvery suitable for any garnish. To do this, you need three kilograms of green tomato. They must be cut into medium-sized segments. Also we do with a kilogram of sweet pepper. One kilogram of onions is cut into half rings, and 1.5 kilograms of carrots are three on a grater. We take a container convenient for cooking and put into it sliced ​​vegetables. Add half a liter of vegetable oil. We mix everything well. Then in the salad you need to add one liter of tomato sauce, preferably spicy. If it is not, then use tomato and a little bit of hot pepper. Salad of green tomato for the winter cook for 1.5 hours. Then add salt to taste. Leave the workpiece on fire for about 10 minutes. We lay out lecho in cans and close with lids.

Salads from green tomatoes for the winter are madein different ways using different ingredients. Here is another recipe for a simple but tasty salad. Take 10 kilograms of green tomatoes and cut them into cubes of medium size. Lightly squeeze them to drain excess moisture. We clean two kilograms of sweet pepper, one kilogram of pepper spicy, three kilograms of onions, 300 grams of garlic. Vegetables are cut very finely. Put garlic in a mortar, add salt and 2-3 bundles of coriander. All the ingredients need to be thinned out. Then you need 200 grams of walnuts, peeled. They must also be thinned with a mortar. Why use a mortar? It is simply undesirable for nuts to have contact with iron objects. Now we need to take a large container and put all the ingredients there. We mix them very well. Add to them one liter of vegetable oil and stew for about 20 minutes. After this, you need to pour 400 ml of wine vinegar good quality. Again, stir the salad, try (if necessary, add salt) and distribute to the banks. We close them with metal caps and leave them to cool completely. Then we send the blanks to a colder place.

Salad of green tomatoes for the winter can becook using any ingredients. If you like the dish more spicy, then add the bitter pepper in the right amount. You can also take any seasonings and spices that you love to use in your kitchen. To make the salad turn out to be more juicy, chopped tomatoes should be kept for several hours. Then they will give juice and become much softer.

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