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Vegetable salad layers for the winter. Quick recipe recipe

Today in stores a huge varietyvarious jars with pickles and marinades. But there is nothing better, tastier and more natural in composition than the billets made with your own hands. When in the summer on your own summer cottage there is a huge amount of ripe tomatoes and crispy cucumbers, you want to keep the "scent of summer" for cold and uncomfortable winter evenings. We suggest that you prepare a delicious salad with layers for the winter from vegetables. The recipe is simple, quick and allows you to preserve the fragrance, texture and rich color of vegetables.

salad layers for the winter


In order to prepare the workpiece - lettuce in layers for the winteryou need: cucumber - 150-200 grams, small tomatoes (you can take cherry) - 100 grams, sweet Bulgarian pepper - 150 grams, onions - 80-90 grams.

As for the spices, you will need a saladcooked large salt - one tablespoon, fragrant pepper - three to four peas, one dessert spoon of granulated sugar, 4 tablespoons of 9 percent vinegar. And, of course, water -0.5 liters.

Preparation of vegetables

Tomatoes should be washed and cut into severallobules. If you take small cherry tomatoes, they can be cut into two parts. Cucumbers and peppers are also good for my. Cucumbers are advised to cut into slices, and pepper - small slices or straws. Onions are cut into half rings. Since you make a tomato salad in layers for the winter, the vegetables should not be cut very large. They should fit into the can in several layers. It will be both beautiful and tasty afterwards.

lettuce from tomato layers for winter

Preparation of cans

Before laying vegetables in a can, theirshould be properly processed and prepared. As for the washing of cans, experienced housewives advise using baking soda for this purpose. It is completely safe for health and perfectly laundered by the banks. Next, the jars will need to be sterilized. Most often, an old kettle is used for this. Water is poured into it, it is put on it turned upside down with a bottle. Sterilize each jar for at least five minutes.

By the way, if you do not find suitable dishes forsterilization, then you can use the microwave. In the jar, pour a little water (one or two fingers) and leave for a couple of minutes in the microwave. The effect will be exactly the same, only the process will be faster.

Stacking vegetables

Having decided to prepare a salad for the winter: cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper layers it is important to remember that before laying the vegetables the bank should dry out. In a dry jar, lay a layer of cucumbers, then go cherry tomatoes, after that - onions and bell peppers. If you cut vegetables fairly thin, then the bank will get several layers.

Preparing the marinade

The main component of any billet isproperly cooked marinade. If the marinade turns out delicious, then regardless of the recipe and ingredients, the salad will turn out to be excellent. You can combine and invent your own variations - a salad for the winter with layers: onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, etc.

salad on the winter layers of onions cucumbers tomatoes

So, for marinade it will take half a liter of water. We put a pot of water on a strong fire and wait for it to boil. Then salt and sugar are added to the boiling water. Stir until completely dissolved. Then you can add a few peas of fragrant pepper, one bay leaf. At the final stage, vinegar is added. Remember that before adding vinegar, the fire should be reduced to a minimum and pour vinegar slowly in a small trickle. Otherwise, it will foam and you will have to cook the marinade again.

Ready marinade poured into jars of vegetables. Any vegetable salad layers for the winter subject to sterilization. To do this, you need to put a jar with an unscrewed lid in a deep pan with water. The water boils, we measure the time 10-15 minutes. After that you can get the sterilized cans and roll up.

Helpful Tips

Try to use only pure water. It can be well water or cleaned with a filter. As a rule, tap water contains a lot of impurities, which do not have a positive effect on the storage of blanks. If you use "bad" water, there is a possibility that the banks will "explode" after a few days of storage.

salad for winter cucumber tomatoes pepper layers

When you prepare the marinade for the recipe "saladlayers for the winter ", choose only a large salt. Fine salt is more saturated and it is difficult to calculate for a liter. You can easily overdo and spoil the dish.

Be sure to sterilize the lids before rolling the cans. The better the cans are washed and the lids are sterilized, the better your preforms will "settle".

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