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Salad from green tomatoes is not only tasty, but also useful

Green tomatoes, despite the prejudicedthe attitude towards this product is unique in its composition. They contain a large number of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, a salad of green tomatoes will be an excellent addition to the festive table as a snack. We present to your attention several such recipes.

In order to prepare a fresh salad fromgreen tomatoes, you need to take one kilogram of these vegetables, one glass of sweet pepper and garlic and one hundred and fifty milliliters of vinegar. For all this mass you need seven tablespoons of salt.

A salad of green tomatoes is prepared as followsway. Twist garlic and sweet pepper in the meat grinder. Then cut the tomatoes into either half rings or rings about a half centimeter thick. Now mix all the ingredients together and leave the salad in the fridge for a few days. At the end of this time, it can be eaten immediately.

Salad of green tomato, the recipe of which wasjust introduced, suitable for any occasion. In addition, this option is also convenient because when you come home, do not rush headlong into the kitchen and try to build something for dinner. In the fridge, you will have a nutritious dish, which, in addition, will not bring any harm to your figure.

Green tomatoes are ideal forconservation. By the way, there are a lot of such recipes. And here's one of them. Take three kilograms of unripe tomatoes, one and a half kilograms of carrots and as many onions, four heads of garlic and three hundred grams of vegetable oil. In addition, store one hundred grams of salt, as well as sugar and 9 percent vinegar (three hundred grams each).

To make this salad of greentomatoes, cut all these products in half rings, except garlic. It's just crushed. Fold everything in a saucepan, add the same vinegar, oil, sugar and salt. Simmer under the lid on a low heat for thirty minutes. After this, shift the salad into pre-prepared cans, which must first be sterilized. Roll them up and wrap them under the blanket until it cools down.

And here's another option for lovers of sharp. In this case, you need five kilograms of green tomatoes, which should be cut into circles, and then, after seasoning, season them without flour in lean oil. In this case, lay out the circles of tomatoes in a frying pan in a single layer.

Next, take three hundred grams of garlic and sweet pepper, one hundred and fifty - two hundred grams of bitter pepper (depending on your preferences) and twist it all in a meat grinder.

In sterilized jars, lay everything in layers,that is fried rings of green tomatoes are replaced by a mass of scrolled vegetables. Lay the layers with vinegar, which will require about half a liter for this number of products. Banks roll up.

The following recipe destroys the created stereotypes ingreen tomatoes. To prepare this salad, you need, of course, yourself tomatoes (one kilogram), two onions, two sweet peppers, one hundred grams of sugar and thirty grams of salt, three hundred milliliters of table vinegar, eight peas of black and sweet pepper. There is one more ingredient that we are not used to seeing in such a salad. This is an ordinary white cabbage in the amount of one kilogram.

The principle of salad preparation is simple. Crush all the ingredients except cabbage. It must be chopped. Mix the vegetables and salt, then transfer them to the enamelware under oppression and leave for eight to twelve hours.

Then drain the juice, fillspices, vinegar and sugar, bring to a boil and cook for another ten minutes. Mix the mixture in a hot form in cans and sterilize in boiling water. For half-liter cans, ten to twelve minutes is enough.

Here are such wonderful salads from green tomatoesyou can cook for yourself and your whole family. Agree, it's nice to get a cold winter evening something from home pieces that were made by loving hands and with a soul. You can not buy such a store!

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