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"Danube salad" - it's delicious!

Today we want to share one recipea delicious salad that can be harvested in cans for the winter. "Danube salad" occupies a special place among other marinade pickles - it is very original and tasty. This is an excellent alternative to traditional canned tomatoes, cucumbers and caviar from courgettes. It is consumed both immediately after cooking, and rolled into banks for the winter. In a cool place, the snack can stand for two years, but it is usually eaten much earlier.

Danube salad
"Danube salad" has a tomato base withaddition of other vegetables. Quite often in suburban areas there is a surplus of tomatoes, and they stand on the market in the summer they are inexpensive. To start, the grown tomatoes can be sorted, since the most unfit for the winter snack. The freshest ones can be left for slicing, the most beautiful and the smallest for canning, but all the others are quite suitable to make a "Danube salad". It always comes out pretty satisfying and tasty, but it does not contain a lot of calories. This, of course, will please those who are on a diet, because it can be eaten in almost any quantity, without being afraid to ruin the figure. This dish is an excellent source of vitamins. If you make a "Danube salad" of green tomatoes, then, in addition, it will still look very original.

To make this dish aesthetically worthwhilepay attention to what color peppers you put there. For red tomatoes it is better to take green and yellow. After the heat treatment of vegetables, this combination will look appetizing. There is a similar recipe - "Danube salad from cucumbers", however in the classical version it is precisely tomatoes, so it is much tastier.

Ingredients for it: two and a half kilograms of bell pepper, four kilograms of tomatoes, two kilograms of onions, two kilograms of carrots, salt to taste, vinegar - one glass, sugar and sunflower oil - two glasses.

Danube salad of green tomato

How to prepare the "Danube salad":

  1. Let's start, perhaps, with tomatoes. We cut them, cut them, if necessary, into small pieces. Fold in a saucepan and mix thoroughly. In about fifteen minutes, tomatoes should separate the juice. After its appearance we add sunflower oil and sugar.
  2. We cut an onion - it is best semi-rings. Tomatoes put on the fire, add pepper to them and mix again. Cut the onions and add it to the tomatoes, stir.
  3. Carrot. We wash it, clean it, rub it - it is possible on a large grater, but the best place for a Korean carrot is the grater. Or you can finely chop a vegetable. Add to the pan with tomatoes and onions.

salad of cucumbers
While the salad is cooking, we have timeto sterilize the cans. When it boils, you can add vinegar to it. Then again, stir and leave a little paw on a slow, but sufficient fire. When the salad is ready, we spread it over the jars, tighten the lids, put the jars upside down and wrap it with an old blanket or down jacket. In this position, he cools for 24 hours - and the salad is ready! You can take a sample.

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