/ How to prepare a salad "Ukrainian" for the winter?

How to prepare a salad "Ukrainian" for the winter?

In winter, when there is not always an opportunityto get fresh and delicious vegetables, it is more than ever pleasant to get a jar of lettuce prepared in autumn. Recipes for such salads are hundreds. Someone is preparing, relying on the advice of the older generation, and someone, drawing on the experience of users of the Network. But when the question arises about what to prepare for the winter, the Ukrainian salad is the first and simplest answer. This spin does not require much time and cost.

Ukrainian salad

There are many variations of cookingof this salad. But the same products remain Bulgarian peppers and tomatoes. Mistresses already at their discretion add cabbage and other vegetables. Onions, gogoshars, parsley, bay leaf and other spices are added depending on individual preferences. Ukrainian salad for the winter can be cooked with or without conservation.

Salad greatly facilitates cooking in winter, whenat hand does not always eat fresh vegetables. Billets can be used as a basis for a delicious soup or borsch. Salad will also be an excellent side dish to potatoes and other dishes.

Ukrainian salad


You need to prepare certain products. It:

  • six hundred grams of carrots;
  • four hundred grams of white onions;
  • one and a half kilograms of bell pepper;
  • six hundred grams of red solid tomato;
  • one hundred gram of parsley root;
  • leaves of parsley about fifty grams;
  • oil - two spoons per one jar;
  • sugar;
  • three teaspoons of salt;
  • three medium bay leaves;
  • one bitter red pepper;
  • two tablespoons of vinegar.

Practical part

In order to prepare a salad "Ukrainian",it is necessary to clean and rinse the onion. Then cut it into rings and fry until golden brown in a large frying pan. Wash tomatoes, boil over and peel off the film. Then pass them through the meat grinder. Root the parsley and carrots thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, then rid them of the peel. Carrot chop the straw, and chop the parsley on a grater. Bulgarian pepper washed, remove the entrails and cut into large cubes.

In a frying pan with fried onions pourtomatoes, carrots sliced ​​with grits, grated parsley and chopped Bulgarian peppers into large cubes. Then add the red pepper, chopped parsley, laurel, vinegar, sugar and salt. Put the frying pan on a slow fire and simmer, stirring occasionally, twenty-five to thirty minutes.

salad Ukrainian recipe

While vegetables are being stewed, it is necessary to preparebanks. After the salad is ready, immediately spread it over the jars. Banks put in a bowl with a lot of hot water, put on fire, wait for a boil and sterilize the banks in volume of half a liter on a slow fire for about an hour. Turn off the fire, get the banks and immediately roll them. Lay the covers on the table and let them cool down. Cooked for this recipe Ukrainian salad for the winter can be both the main course and garnish. It is very tasty.

Ukrainian salad for the winter with cabbage

To diversify the winter diet with healthy foodpretty hard. Vegetables and fruits often do not differ freshness, and in their composition there are too many harmful additives for organisms. Salvation in the cold season put twists, harvested from summer and autumn.

Favorite fruits fall on the table in the form of jam,jam and compote. Cucumbers and tomatoes - in the form of pickles. But twists can be not only one-component. A variety of salads from vegetables are perfect for boring winter dishes.

Ukrainian salad for the winter recipe

One of the simplest, but, nevertheless, deliciouswas and remains Ukrainian salad. Recipes differ only in the number of vegetables. However, the classic recipe can be diluted with additional ingredients, for example, cabbage.

Ingredients and Cooking

Prepare the products:

  • two kilos of red tomato;
  • one and a half kilograms of bell pepper;
  • one and a half kilograms of onions;
  • three kilos of cabbage;
  • one kilogram of carrots;
  • three pieces of gogoshares;
  • one hundred and fifty grams of garlic;
  • salt - four spoons without a slide;
  • two bunches of parsley;
  • three tablespoons of sugar;
  • two hundred milliliters of six percent vinegar;
  • two hundred grams of unrefined oil;
  • Bay leaf;
  • black peppercorns.

Ukrainian salad for the winter

For the salad will need a large dish. First we shred cabbage finely on a special grater. Cabbage should be salted and mashed. Onions must be peeled off, cut in half and chopped into thin rings. Pour it into a container with cabbage and mix well. Next, peel the carrots. We wash it well under running water and shink on a large grater. Add the carrots to the cabbage and onions. Then carefully wash my pepper, remove the seeds and cut into small straws. Grind the pepper mixed with the rest of the vegetables and mix.

The last we prepare tomatoes. They need to be washed, the core removed, cut into medium sized pieces and poured into a container with the rest of the vegetables. It remains to add finely chopped parsley and mix all the ingredients well.

In vegetables add spices to taste. Lay one bay leaf and eight or ten peas of black pepper on the bottom of the cans. Banks fill a vegetable mixture, pour in two tablespoons of vegetable oil and sterilize twenty-five to thirty minutes. After that, in each jar pour one tablespoon of vinegar and roll the jars. Salad ready.

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