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Biscuit: a simple recipe and recipe for hot milk

Biscuit (a simple recipe is taken for itcooking or complicated) is always an exam for culinary mastery for any mistress. Let's start with the classic, and then prepare this tender cake also on hot milk and boiling water. These two methods allow you to present a new recipe for a biscuit in a new way. Armed with a mixer - and forward.

biscuit a simple recipe

Biscuit: a simple recipe with a photo

This unpretentious tender pie can be done withapples, plums, pears, nuts, cocoa. And all these components can be added directly to the biscuit - a simple recipe allows you to do this and do not spend too much time squeezing cakes and preparing the filling. But if you do not look for easy ways, then condensed milk, jam, cream, liqueur for impregnation will make you a real masterpiece from a pie. Biscuit is universal.

Let's consider the option with apples. For a pie of five large eggs, approximately three medium ripe fruit will be needed. They need to be cleaned and put in a greased with butter and sprinkled with sugar, bake in the oven at one hundred and eighty degrees. On apples should appear brown marks. They will then need to lay out the dough. In order to cook it, take five eggs, six tablespoons of flour with a slide (just sift well, do not add baking powder),

The easiest biscuit recipe
and also less glass (or six table spoons)Sahara. Separate the proteins from the yolks, carefully making sure that the protein mass does not get fat or drops of water. The whole norm of sugar is divided into two parts. In protein, add first one spoonful of sugar and start whipping. First, at a low speed. After two minutes, add the remaining sugar and increase the speed of the mixer. Protein must mass up to strong peaks - when turning the bowl out of it, nothing should drip or pour. This will take about seven minutes. After that, whisk the yolks until smooth and mix both mixtures. Mix with spatula, taking care, and just add flour slowly. The resulting mixture does not need to shake, mix and generally perform any intensive manipulations with it. As you probably already know, the bubbles in the test are responsible for how splendid the biscuit will be. A simple recipe, perhaps, is completely clear to you, but it is not worth it to minimize the role of practice.
biscuit simple recipe with photo
Try playing it two or three times,carefully looking at the different stages of preparation of the test. And you probably will do well. Put the dough in a mold on apples, place in a well-warmed oven. Bake for about forty minutes. Cool first with the door open, and then on the grate. Biscuit can be eaten and dried. If it was not eaten fresh, cut into thin slices and dried - you will get an excellent biscuit for tea.

Biscuit: a simple recipe for hot milk

This cake looks a bit like a cake. For a biscuit of three eggs you need half a glass of whole milk, sixty grams of butter, a glass of flour, a baking powder, 165 grams of sugar, a pinch of salt and vanilla. Heat the oven. Sift the flour. Whisk eggs - proteins and yolks separately. Melt the butter in milk, but do not boil. Stir the flour into the egg mass. Then pour in the oil and milk mixture. Stir gently with a spatula, bake as described in the previous recipe. Milk can be replaced with boiling water, and butter - vegetable, halving its amount.

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