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Chicken thighs. Cooking recipes

How fast and tasty is it possible to make chicken thighs? Recipes have their own, however, there are general rules that one should adhere to to cook not only quickly, but also delicious.

Firstly, chicken thighs, like chicken wings,must be marinated for completeness of taste. Some will argue, because baked chicken thighs are also quite satisfying and appetizing. However, if marinated in advance, the meat will become more tender and spicy. Secondly, if you remove the skin from the hips and roll them in breadcrumbs, then the baked dish will turn out quite like in the restaurant. So, of course, cooks do not disclose their secrets, however, the skilful mistress will find a way how to cook from something an ordinary unusual dish. And the last rule, no less important, remember that all the dishes that you use must be clean and dry. Make sure that there are no other seasonings there, so as not to spoil your dish from chicken thighs.

Now you are probably wondering howto cook chicken thighs? This is quite simple, especially if you already know the culinary art. Chicken thighs can be baked in the oven separately or with potatoes, or you can fry in a pan. Perhaps the quickest way is to spread the hips on a baking sheet and put in the oven for about forty minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees. You do not need to run up and check if your hips are ready, because after forty minutes, you can safely get them and serve them.

For those who like to mess around in the kitchen, you cantry to cook chicken thighs in a frying pan. Recipes are completely different. So, for example, you can pre-marinate, and you can add spices as the chicken fries. You can roll in mayonnaise and breadcrumbs, or you can simply sprinkle with herbs and eat with mayonnaise when chicken thighs are already prepared. Everything depends on you. Connect your imagination here and you will receive your own recipe of your specialty.

For those who want to try something absolutelynew, try to cook vegetables and chicken thighs. Recipes that you can find on the Internet are quite simple. Cut vegetables: onions, potatoes, peppers, and carrots can be grated. Spread it all on chicken thighs (recipes are different, but you choose what you like best), or at first lay out the vegetables, and then the chicken. Fill this whole thing with sunflower oil and put it on 180 degrees in the oven, about an hour and a half. Approximately twenty minutes after you put the pan in the oven, it will need to be reached and sprinkled with salt and pepper. (if you like to experiment, then you can add any other seasonings). Remember that baked vegetables will also give your chicken thighs a delicate taste.

Another little tip: Do not cook chicken thighs frozen. If you bought a bird, and it is hard as a stone, wait until the chicken is defrosted. This will take a couple of hours. You can put it under warm water, so the process will go faster. In any case, the chicken will fry normally, however, spices will get to it unevenly. If you start to cook it while it is frozen, then the thighs can turn out on the one hand, and on the other hand with spices.

So, now you know a few recipes, liketo cook chicken thighs. Perhaps you will open your own recipe. Well, the culinary art is not fully understood yet, therefore, do not be afraid to connect your fantasy and create. it does not matter how much time you have to prepare for cooking for the first time, the main thing is for you to understand the cooking technique. Unroasted dish or nedopechenoe can always be cooked and baked. But if your dish is burned, then the taste will be completely different. So, keep a close watch on what you are cooking.

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