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Chicken thighs. Recipes

Prepare light, but it's enougha tasty dish will help, of course, chicken thighs. They fell in love with our mistresses for what is always at hand. They are inexpensive, and meat is almost dietary, and most importantly, you can cook a delicious dinner from them, having spent a minimum of time. You just need to choose the best combinations of chicken with spices and marinades, then the dishes from it will play with a variety of tastes and vary the everyday menu.

So, let's cook chicken thighs. Recipes are extremely diverse, and these pieces of meat are good in any form. I like the presence of some piquancy in the composition of the dish and its original serve. I will share my recipe with you! Today we will cook chicken thighs (the recipes may not fit in the section of your cookbook anymore) with an unusual addition in the form of fresh apples.

Apples choose sweet varieties. We need 3 apples and 2 kg of chicken thighs. In the marinade, add 6 tablespoons of classic soy sauce, and in the form of spices we use sweet pea to taste. Solim chicken thighs. Recipes, which are included as marinade soy sauce, do not require a large amount of salt, since this seasoning itself is already brackish.

Carefully washed piles of salt and peppers, appleswe cut slices, we do not remove the peel, otherwise we will have a mashed potatoes. The apple crust will give a subtle flavor to the dish, and this will be a good addition to its delicious juiciness. Add the soy sauce to the mixture, mix again, give the products the opportunity to soak up the aroma of each other, and then we send it to the oven. When the fragrant sauce will be allocated, we will water them with thighs.

Bake in a hot oven for about 40 minutes and take out ready-made chicken thighs. Recipes with their use are very easy to prepare.

Serve the chicken with a golden crust ona large festive dish. Plate lay out the leaves of fresh lettuce, on top we will add chicken thighs, and around the young greens. Do not forget about the small pickled cucumbers, they will come in handy.

An excellent addition to the dish will be cookedin advance special sauce, always in a beautiful sauce. On the side dish, of course, rice. This combination will appeal to everyone, because it is tasty, but useful, and will give strength for the whole working day.

Chicken thigh in an oven with a potato isThe recipe, which is convenient in that it prepares meat at the same time as a garnish. This recipe is not simple, but with a secret, about which later. The dish is prepared as follows: cut the raw potatoes with mugs, salt, pepper and lay them on a baking sheet. Do not forget to put onions, cut by rings. Vegetables are well lubricated with mayonnaise, while it is better to use more liquid varieties.

Bedrushki pickled in a mixture of mayonnaise and adzhiki 15minutes. And now the highlight of the dish! And it consists that under a skin we will put prunes without a stone and a slice of the Dutch cheese. We put the thighs on top of the potatoes and sent to a hot oven for 20-30 minutes. Chicken thigh in the oven with potatoes are ready! You can invite guests to the table, or you can just have a family dinner. The dish turns out to be unique!

And there is a recipe for no less delicious food - thisbaked chicken legs, only cooked with tomatoes and cheese. We beat the whole leg with salt and pepper and put it on a baking sheet, greasing it with oil. Top the tomatoes, cut into four pieces, and into the oven for 20 minutes.

When tomatoes and chicken are almost ready,We take out the baking tray, lay the cheese on top and put the food in the oven again until the cheese is completely baked. Baked chicken legs turn out very juicy tomatoes because they give all their juice, and cheese will give a creamy taste and extraordinary appeal of the dish.

Bon Appetit.

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