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Canned tomato, cucumber, pepper and onion salad. Canned salad of green tomatoes

The most favorite blanks for the winter areall kinds of twists from tomatoes. What kind of recipes do not come up with real mistresses! What kind of combinations of vegetable components you will not see in banks!

Procurement of tomatoes

Always a delicious salad of tomatoes will look on the winter table. How to cook such a dish? Now tell.

For cooking, you need to take tomatoes 4 kilograms, sweet peppers and onions to take in equal proportions (1 kilogram), you will also need a root of parsley, salt, bay leaf, peppercorn.

salad canned from cucumbers of tomatoes and pepper

You need to take strong tomatoes, but not green,cut them and onions into rings, grate the carrots coarsely. Mix everything and add salt. Let all the resulting mixture stand in the refrigerator for 8 hours under the load. Now you need to strain the resulting salad, pour into a saucepan and cook for 35 minutes. Dispense hot in jars, plug and cool.

Of green vegetables

Canned salad of green tomatoes -an unusual dish that came to the Russian cuisine from Hungary. For its preparation take small and dense vegetables. Only 2 kilograms of tomatoes, 2 kilograms of bell pepper, 1 kilogram of cabbage and carrots will be needed for this delicious salad, which has a very specific sweet and sour taste. Add will need to be 200 ml of vinegar, 250 ml of vegetable oil, half a cup of salt and 2 cups of sugar.

canned pepper and tomato salad


First you need to rinse all the vegetables well. Then it is necessary to cut tomatoes and onion into semi-rings, and pepper to strip. After you need to grate carrots, and chop cabbage. In the pan, you should pour in the oil, put the vegetables, add sugar and salt, stir and turn on a weak fire. Wait until the boiling point of the salad and continue to cook, stirring constantly, for half an hour. Then add the vinegar and hold the pot on the fire for another 5 minutes. Everything, lettuce is ready.

canned salad from green tomatoes

Now we need to expand it into preparedcontainers and roll them up. What good is a canned salad of green tomatoes? The fact that on the site in the autumn there are many immature fruits. They do not have to be thrown away or fed to pets.

Delicious preparation

And how to cook canned salads fromof red tomatoes? Again, the ingredients are selected the most different. Take all vegetables in equal amounts (for example, one kilogram). In this recipe, the decisive role is played not only by tomatoes, but also by cabbage, which must be finely chopped. Tomatoes are cut into slices, like an orange. To take also it is necessary for piquancy a little of Bulgarian pepper, to make from it straw. Onions will look good if cut into half rings. Carrots, as in previous recipes, should be rubbed to mix well with all other vegetables and give the dish a beautiful color. Put all the blanks in an enameled container, add salt, sugar, vegetable oil and vinegar. Add all these spices to taste. After you need to mix and put on a plate, put out for twenty minutes. Fire should not be great. The final stage is to spread the salad over the sterilized jars, roll up, cover and cool.

Another recipe

You can cook another canned saladfrom pepper and tomatoes. For him, you need to wash the sweet pepper (4 kg), preferably red. Hold for two minutes in boiling water and cool. Now cut it into strips. Wash 4 kilograms of green tomatoes and cut into circles, just the onions are prepared. Celery lovers can add and its (400 grams will be enough), pre-chopped. Then everything should be mixed, pour half a cup of salt and sugar, flavoring the dish with one teaspoon of ground pepper and vinegar. Banks first have to sterilize beforehand, after which they need to lay our workpiece.

canned tomato salad
With cucumbers

The combination of vegetables in salads for conservation canbe absolutely anything. Once the experiments have gone, we should continue them and try another salad, preserved from cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. For him, tomatoes will need to be twisted in a meat grinder, poluchch volume of 5 liters. Pour into a saucepan and put on a stove. A glass of sugar, three tablespoons of salt, a glass of vegetable oil and peppercorns can be added immediately, without waiting for the mixture to boil. Let the contents cook, and at this time you need to make pepper, which should be washed. Then it should be cleaned and cut into strips. After you need to throw pepper, one and a half pounds of onion rings and 1 kilogram carrot circles in the same place. Then fade out all 15 minutes. Then, while the salad is not cold, fill them with cans and quickly roll up.

With onion

canned salad from tomatoes and onions

Not very original, but very tasty will becanned salad from tomatoes and onions. The total number of products is calculated on two banks of half a liter. This dish is prepared for an hour. The composition is as follows:

  • 1 kilogram of tomatoes;
  • 2 pieces of onions;
  • a little salt, about 12 grams;
  • 80 grams of vinegar;
  • 1-2 sprigs of cloves;
  • 3 peas of pepper;
  • 50 grams of sugar.

Lovers of exotics can add ginger and cinnamon.

First you need to boil salted water,put the ripe tomatoes in it for three minutes. Then send them under a stream of cold water to make it easier to peel. Cut into slices, transfer to another container and cook in its own juice. Chop onion coarsely and pour into tomatoes. Add all the spices, just the vinegar at the very end of the cooking. How do you know that you have enough to cook? The volume will decrease by a factor of two. Salad to spread out in clean cans, roll up and temporarily leave in a warm place, until completely cooled.

Salad with vegetables

And how to make a canned salad fromtomatoes? Now consider another option. Those who came up with this recipe, consider it not quite a salad, it's rather tomatoes in their own juice. But bribes in this version that there is no vinegar. How long will it take to cook? Not more than an hour.

So, how to cook this canned saladfrom tomatoes? First it is worth noting that in the end you should get a liter of ready-made food. So what should I take? Kilogram with a small tomato, salt (about three quarters of a tablespoon). Tomatoes should be juicy, grade Bull's heart will do the best.

canned salads from red tomatoes

As always, tomatoes are washed, drain water. Literally for a few seconds put in boiling water, then into cold water. Make cuts and peel. Cut into large slices.

Then, treat the jar, lid andall rinse. Preheat the prepared container in the oven and allow the dishes to dry. Then you should fill the tomato slices with a half jar, sprinkle with salt, put the next layer, and pour out the remains of salt. Cover the jar with a lid and put in a pan for sterilization for forty minutes. And then everything, as usual: get out of the water, roll up and turn over. Let it cool down. This dish is suitable as a sauce for second courses. A good additive will be to winter borsch.


Now you know how to prepare cannedtomato salad. We should add that we should not be afraid to experiment. It is necessary to make various preparations and dishes not only for the winter as blanks. We should try to please our relatives with various dinners and dinners.

The main thing is that the whole family gather at the table. One and cook is not interesting. And if relatives and friends consider the hostess to be an excellent master, then she will cook with her soul. Hence, the resulting dishes will be especially tasty, and not just one canned salad of tomatoes, but other similar preparations from vegetables that have grown on beds. Good luck!

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