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Dream Interpreter. Flowers in a dream

Every night a person finds himself in the kingdom of Morpheusand necessarily sees dreams, and 90% of them do not remain in memory. Dreams reflect our conscious and subconscious desires. Mother Nature has taken care of keeping our nervous system in order. Scientists try to explain the riddles of dreams, but much remains far beyond understanding. People believe that dreams can predict the future, since from ancient times it was believed that by means of sleep with a person the higher forces communicate, trying to convey information, warn or point the right direction. At first the priests were engaged in the interpretation of dreams. Their explanations, and later also other interpreters of dreams, were recorded. So there were collections of interpretations - dream books, interest to which does not disappear even today. On the Internet, you can find dream books of various authors and, by comparing their interpretations, determine for yourself the meaning of sleep.

The vast majority of people see colored dreams,so dreams are always well remembered, where scenes with flowers. What does the dream book say about this? Flowers, which we see in a dream, symbolize our feelings, plans and hopes.

Dreams in which the flowers were dreamed, depending onThe situations that are visible in a dream have different predictions. We look dream book. Flowers - if you dreamed of fresh flowers, it's for prosperity in the house and joy from love. Growing in the garden beautiful flowers - a very favorable sleep, predicting joy and rapid implementation of plans. Plant flowers in your garden - do a noble deed. Cut fresh roses - the offer of the hand and heart is coming. A bouquet of different colors made by you in a dream is an abundance of admirers. If you wove a wreath of chamomiles - a successful relationship with your beloved. If you smell flowers - happy events. To see a greenhouse of flowers is the acquisition of art objects or a pleasant event.

And not always pleasant you can read by openingdream interpretation, interpretation of dreams. Flowers that grow on dry land - to sad events. If the withered flowers are dreamed, then it means the end of a long novel or a health problem. If they dreamed of poppies - tempting pleasures that would be harmful. If you dream of a bouquet of daffodils - getting to know egoists and self-lovers, and if you dream about a bouquet gathered from white chrysanthemums - you will sacrifice love because of pride. If you walk along the alley, which is seated with yellow and white chrysanthemums - longing for long-standing love. Lilies surrounded by lush foliage - early marriage and the subsequent after this separation or a pleasant event.

Many legends are associated with the first spring flowers- snowdrops, which used to be called a dream-grass. A lot of interesting will tell us a dream book. Flowers brought with evening dew, put in a glass of water and waited for the full moon. At the first appearance of the moon, the flower was put under the pillow - if a child, a young man, a girl or a pet dreams, be happy, if anything else, be a trouble.

This is not all that the dream book can tell. Flowers growing in the rooms live very close to the person, so many dreams much more often than all other plants. That's what the dream book tells about. Flowers house embody the psychological climate in the family. If bloom, then the house will be happy. To look after them and water them means reconciliation. If dreamed room flowers in pots or flowerpots - this means the appearance, finally, of hope and purpose in life. Or, as another dream book says, house flowers in pots are dreamed of to an unexpected and generous present. A beautiful indoor flower, presented in a dream as a gift, means that there will be a large number of fans. Or, according to another dream book, receiving a flower as a gift in a pot - the news of a different person gone into the world. If you see an attractive kind of indoor flowers - there is a pleasure or a significant property acquisition.

It remains to wish, that dreams dreamed more often, which dream interprets: flowers - prosperity, happiness and love in the house.

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