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Our dreams: why do we dream of flowers?

Like most other dreams, dreams about colorscan carry a variety of omens. In many respects it depends on what kind or in what capacity they are to you. In addition, there are at least a dozen different dream interpretations from folk to "personal", that is, written by famous people, which describe in detail, what the flowers are dreamed of. And in some we are talking only about common positions, while others give detailed information about almost all types of existing plants that bloom once a year or even every few years.

I do not know if you need to talk about all kinds of colorsin detail, because I do not see the point in some descriptions of buttercups and marigolds. Most likely, they were invented by people who have too much free time or are trying to make a name for themselves on concepts that have nothing to do with the interpretation of dreams. After all, in fact, it's quite easy to know what the flowers are dreaming about.

What does the flowers for Vanga

Very interesting in this sense is the dream book createdbased on the interpretation of the famous Bulgarian fortune-telling Vanga. It is completely ignored, chamomiles you dreamed, carnations or gladioli. It simply and intelligibly describes what the flowers in general are dreaming of.

Vanga believed that most of thesleep flowers symbolize the emotionality, mood and inner qualities of a person. They can denote the whole spectrum of our experiences from happiness and love to sadness and anxiety.

For example, if your dream is fullunusual flowers beautiful garden, and you even felt a wonderful scent, then in the near future expect a romantic encounter. If in this dream there is also a wreath of ordinary wild flowers, the romantic encounter will grow into true love, as a result of which a new happy family will be created. Moreover, as this dream book says, red flowers, dreamed of in a dream, mean true and long love.

Among other interpretations of the prophetess interestingDescription of the collection of flowers to create a bouquet. If a person tears off the stems of flowering plants, this means that in real life he goes on the path of active knowledge of the world and understanding his life. If, on the contrary, he dreamed that he planted flowers, it symbolizes the wise and noble deed that will be accomplished by him in the near future.

However, sometimes Vanga's predictions are not soare bright, and can foreshadow sad events. For example, if you have pricked your hand about the flowers given, the dream speaks of the spiritual pain that you will have to endure because of the betrayal of a loved one. If your garden was attacked by enemies who trampled all the flowers, then in real life this heralds the intrigues of ill-wishers. A large number of indoor plants speaks of secrecy, and wilted flowers - about separation or problems with health. Among other things, it is worth mentioning that a potted flower in a pot can bode the news of a person's death.

What does the flowers look like in the opinion of the Chinese and Muslims?

In addition to the interpretations of the famous healer,be interesting and the views of the sages of the East. For example, the Chinese believe that in a dream, in any case, you can not share flowers with a loved one - it portends an early separation. It is also not advisable to see in a dream a crumpled flower or a bouquet. This can mean that the wife is not going to keep the wife faithful. But if the graves of the deceased flowers open, then be in the family of happiness.

Finally it is worth to say a few words aboutIslamic traditions in the interpretation of dreams. Muslims believe that ordinary flowers portend tranquility and prosperity, and broken flowers - trouble and sadness. In addition, if a person tears or breaks flowers in a dream, then in real life he commits bad deeds that require correction.

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