/ What is a pillow for a ring?

What is a pillow for a ring?

Pillow for a ring is a necessary accessoryfor a wedding or a gift. It's not a secret to anyone that the packaging of the presented item is of great importance. Therefore, more and more popularity is acquired by wrapping paper, packing boxes, ribbons, postcards. And when the gift is a ring, it is presented for the greatest effect in velvet small caskets or on a pillow.

The most touching moment at a wedding is whenyoung exchange rings, it is a symbol of eternal love and a long life together. And certainly for each bride it is important how this moment is framed. Pillow for the ring as a wedding accessory came very recently to our country, but it is already firmly entrenched and is an integral part of the ritual. They can be made by yourself or purchased in the store of accessories for the celebration.

pillow for the ring
How to make the right choice?

They can be of completely different shapes. What to choose, it's only your taste. Some believe that happiness will bring a cushion for the ring of a round shape, since it does not have sharp corners, others are sure that the heart looks particularly romantic, and the third assure that the square ones are ideal.

They can also be made of silk,velvet or satin. The first and last will suit for absolutely any celebration, but the average material is only for respectable, important, pompous weddings. It can be any pastel tone. For velvet, the most suitable is red or black.

Pads in style

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The cushion under the rings can be made in different styles.

  • Classical. It is made of fabric, in traditional colors. Usually decorated with beads, beads, pearls, rhinestones or embroidery. Choose the tone for the wedding dress. Sold ready.
  • Personalized. It is similar to the previous one, but it embroidered names or first letters of names. They are usually made to order.
    cushion under the rings
  • Thematic. If your wedding is special, everything is in the same style, then the pillow for the ring should not be an exception. In this case, it is made exclusively to order, so that it does not distinguish it from the general theme.
  • Multicolored. Pillow can be bright, pleasing to the eye. But it is necessary to remember that it must correspond to the general style of the wedding. Made exclusively to order.
  • Flower. Very original and elegant looks from the living flowers and interlacing leaves made a cushion for the rings. The price of it can vary in a fairly wide range, so that everyone can find an option for themselves. You can use the same flowers as in the design of the wedding, thus preserving the stylistics to trifles. In extreme cases, you can make it from artificial flowers.
  • The original. You can use the most unexpected items as a cushion. A decorated piece of wood, a nest, a porcelain plate and so on. There are many options, but they are limited only by your imagination.

Whatever option you choose, you can do everything with your own hands or with your girlfriend. However, this accessory should definitely be given time.

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