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Pillow for twin feeding - convenience for mom

When the future mom finds out the news that shesoon will be the mother of more than one baby, and just two, then the joy is doubled, and the hassle at the same time. Now it is already worth thinking about specialized children's accessories, such as a stroller for twins, a playpen for twins, and a pillow for twin feeding.

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It should be noted that the last point plays an important role in synchronizing biorhythms of toddlers, and this is very much worthwhile.

So, what is a pillow for feeding twins andWhat is it for? This simple but very useful invention has appeared relatively recently in our market, while abroad has long been popular. The essence is simple - a pillow for feeding twins is a horseshoe, which can be placed on the knees, and on top of it to accommodate the kids. An important condition - the pillow should be moderately dense and keep the shape well.

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In this situation, mom is very convenient to feedkids - she does not need to bend or bend. This position allows you to feed without experiencing discomfort in the back and waist. In addition, such a pillow, and this is its main advantage, simplifies the process of feeding babies at the same time. This has a positive effect on the synchronization of regimes, especially at an early age. After all, if children eat at one time, then everything else is done approximately at the same time - they are asleep, awake, etc. Accordingly, my mother due to this free time appears more. That's why the synchronization of twins' biorhythms is the goal of each parent.

Pillow for feeding with pleasure and use for feeding one baby, for twins it differs only in size. The structures and materials of filling can be different.

Types of structures

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The simplest and most common option for us -cushion in the form of a crescent. It can be equipped with Velcro or Festec for fastening on the back. An additional function of cushion in the shape of a crescent - it can be used as a pillow for pregnant women. It will be convenient for her to rest or sleep. This is especially true in the last months of pregnancy.

More complex construction - in the form of flatsemicircular "table". The twin feeding pillow can be additionally equipped with a small back for the mother. Such cushions have buckles for adjusting the waist circumference. Abroad, this pillow for feeding is more common. Reviews about her are most flattering. One drawback is that it can hardly be used to sleep during pregnancy.


Most often on sale you can find silicone cushions, polystyrene foam or filled with sintepon or holofayberom. Less often use down.

To sew a pillow for feeding twins it is possible andyourself. You can make a simple pattern yourself or choose from the many options available on the Internet. The easiest way to choose a crescent option. Expanded polystyrene can be purchased at the building store, and holofayber - in the sewing. If desired, you can use fluff from an unnecessary pillow or blanket. Just make a few spare pillow cases in size.

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