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At what age does the child need a pillow

Pillow is an indispensable attribute of sweet sleep,without which the bulk of people can not do. For young children, this accessory plays a special role and is chosen taking into account the anatomical features of the organism. To your baby not only enjoyed the dreams, but his bed would be a cozy nest, come to the choice of pillows with extreme caution. It is necessary to take into account all the subtleties that influence the further development of the children's spine. An improperly chosen pillow for an infant can subsequently lead to the development of serious diseases.

First of all, we must understand the agethe child needs a pillow. The physiological characteristics of infants under 1 year old allow one to do without it. It is natural for children of this age to be on a level surface during sleep.

To take the matter with responsibilityabout the age at which a pillow for a baby is needed, this question should be addressed to professionals - pediatricians and orthopedists. The answer of doctors is unequivocal: a pillow of even the smallest size can have a negative impact on the health of a little man. It turns out that using a pillow during sleep in children under 1 year old can lead to more serious consequences than we can imagine. The main threat is the probability of developing a scoliosis of the cervical and thoracic area, so every mother should know from what age the baby needs a pillow.

But there are exceptions. In the event that your newborn has such a pathology as congenital muscular torticollis, a pillow should be used, but not conventional, but orthopedic and only such a sample as the doctor recommends.

For children after a year when the spine is already strongsmall pads can be used, but you need to do this correctly. Be sure to watch for the position of the head during sleep. You can not allow the shoulders and head to be positioned so that a large angle forms between them. The child needs to be stacked so that on the pillow turned out to be both the head and the upper third of the trunk. In this situation, the infant cushion will not exert the delicate cervical vertebrae of the child with excessive load.

Another important point - do not choose too much.soft and high pillow. There is a possibility that a baby can snap its nose into it and because of the inability to actively turn over it can suffocate.

Considering the question of how old the child isneed a pillow, it is desirable to pay attention to another, no less important - what it should be. Previously, many mothers preferred to use folded several times flannel diaper. Now the market of children's underwear offers comfortable and safe bedding, which are approved and certified. If the budget does not allow the purchase of branded goods, then the pillow for children can safely be replaced by a folded towel several times. Arrange it so that the angle between the head and shoulders of the child is not more than 30 degrees.

Currently among products for childrenconstantly there are new items. For example, an anatomical pillow for a baby. It has such a feature as the pit in the middle, which makes it convenient to place the child's head. This invention is based on knowledge of anatomy, from which scientists calculated the optimal height of the pillow. It is 3 cm, and the height of the rails is 4.5 cm.

Also, the baby pillow can be in the form of a supporting roller, which consists of hypoallergenic fillers. Such a variety is considered absolutely safe and very convenient for children.

At what age does the child need a pillow of the day of sleep,you already know, but this element will be needed not only to put the baby to bed. The pillow is indispensable when the child starts to sit, but in this case it has another role - to support the back of the baby, so that he feels comfortable in an unusual position so far.

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