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An irreplaceable travel accessory - a pillow for the neck

For many, a pillow is a very common thing. This is what is in every house. Without a pillow, you can not imagine a comfortable sleep. Nowadays a great variety of pillows has appeared. They became different shapes, colors and destinations. These are pillows for pregnant women, road cushions, pillow-toys, as well as pillows made in the form of various animals. Some companies even offer photo printing services on these products!

pillow for the neck
Separate attention deserves a pillow. When planning a long trip, a person wants to spend it with complete comfort. It's time to take care of the comfort of your trip. The neck pillow can facilitate a long time in the transport. You can relax on the road, and you will not be bothered by discomfort, back and neck pain, if you have a travel pillow.

The neck cushion looks like a big softhorseshoe. Thanks to its shape, it will ensure a comfortable position of your head on the seat during the trip and also does not take up much space in the luggage. Also there is an inflatable pillow for the neck, which you will not even notice in your bag when folded. But it is useful to you on the road, it is only necessary to get it and fill it with air.

Neck pillow
Neck pillow - an indispensable thing on the road. You can buy it or make it yourself. The stores offer a wide range of these products. How to choose a quality and comfortable pillow for the neck?

To reduce fatigue while sleeping on the roadthe pillow for the neck is inflatable. It will provide a comfortable sleep while traveling and will occupy a minimum of space. If you like to sleep on your side, then the ideal shape of the pillow is wedge-shaped. In the presence of various cervical diseases, for example, osteochondrosis, a pillow for the neck in the form of a roller is recommended. In the presence of medical indications, which call for limiting movement during sleep, it is recommended to use a pillow made in the form of a bone. It is able to relax and straighten the cervical spine. For a long trip, including driving, they use pillows in the form of a collar.

cushion for neck
You can also sew a road cushion for yourself.neck. For its manufacture, any soft fabric, for example, fleece, will do. Cut out two parts with a fold. We put each in a double. We sew together the details with small machine stitches. We leave a small area unshielded. The allowances on the most rounded part of the product are inscribed. We turn out the pillow, fill it with scraps of sintepon and sew a hole. Neck cushion is ready! You can also add any details to decorate the pillow - flowers, appliques, etc. And if you give vent to fantasy, you can sew a pillow in the form of an animal or a character from a cartoon. Such a pillow will especially be to the children's taste and will provide not only comfort during the trip, but also bring real aesthetic pleasure!

Undoubtedly, a pillow for the neck is useful on the road for everyone, with it you can feel comfortable throughout the journey.

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