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Cushion from camel hair: customer reviews and experts

Wool has long been known for its curativeproperties. Belts, socks, waistcoats, blankets and other items from it have long stood guard over people's health. Particularly it is possible to distinguish products made from camel wool, as they have unique healing qualities. Why are they so good, and why is a pillow made of camel wool, the reviews of which are extremely enthusiastic, should be in every family? Since time immemorial, the inhabitants of Asia have known and used products for the correction of their health from camel wool. The fact is that each of its villi is generously covered with a special animal wax or, as it is called scientifically, lanolin. Under the influence of the heat of the human body, this substance is absorbed into the skin and heals the aching muscles and joints

For beauty

Also known as a pillow of camel hair(reviews only confirm this) cosmetology effect. Under its warming effect, the vessels and capillaries expand, the blood circulates faster and better, a lot of oxygen and nutrients enter the tissues and muscles. Regular sleep on such a pillow helps to improve skin color, smooth fine wrinkles, prevent new ones. Toxins accumulated in the body for a day, go out, which means that premature aging can not be feared. Her health-improving effect is not limited to questions of beauty and youth.

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For good health

Constant headaches, chronic fatigue,poor sleep quality? And then a pillow of camel hair comes to the rescue. Scientists have already explained this phenomenon. The fact is that the wool of the "ship of the desert" does not electrify itself and helps to remove static electricity to a person. Especially valuable is the quality for those who have at home a lot of household appliances, emitting electromagnetic fields, negative for our body. This surprising qualities of camel wool do not end there. Because of the cavity inside each hair, the products from it are good not only in the cold season, but also in the summer. For allergy sufferers, a cushion of camel hair (a testimony of people and doctors confirm this) will be a real find, since it does not cause asthma attacks, asthmatics can also sleep on it for their own pleasure.

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Only real wool

Of course, all of the above concerns only theproducts from real wool, but how to distinguish it from a surrogate? The original will be very light compared with a fake, the "coat" of a camel feels unusually soft, gentle and smooth to the touch. When burning, it releases a specific animal smell. However, in order to reduce the risk and not to run into clever dealers who trade incomprehensibly, but cleverly powdered brains, make a purchase in proven places and from well-known manufacturers.

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With a quality mark

A good example of good quality is a pillowVerossa. Camel wool combined with down, clad in a cover made of natural cotton, will certainly please its owner. The weight of the product with dimensions 70 * 50 cm is only 650 g, and at 70 * 70 cm - 850 g. The cushion has a two-chamber design, so that during the sleep the spine and muscles are in a natural position. Elasticity and shape are preserved even after washing in the machine. It is recommended not to wash in water warmer than 30 degrees. The cover is designed in a calm light brown color and decorated with a picture of camels. Another criterion of choice that will tell you whether or not a pillow of camel hair is good is the price. The product containing a mixture of camel wool with other components (down, natural or artificial, sheep or other wool) costs from 30-50 dollars per unit, and a hundred percent product - from $ 150.

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