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Silicone footbed for shoes. Silicone orthopedic insole, price

Looked at a couple of new brand shoes ona seasonal sale? But the trouble is: the price suits, and the size is right, but there can be no question of comfort! Do not be in a hurry to get upset! Silicone insoles for shoes are simply designed to help you in this situation. Due to its elasticity, elasticity, mechanical stability, the insoles under consideration can save the legs from many problems. Silicone is easy to model, which allowed manufacturers to make insoles for every single element of the foot.

Silicone insole: types and features

Depending on the purpose of use, all silicone insoles are divided into:

  • Cosmetic. Designed to reduce the load on the foot, prevent slipping of the foot in the shoe, reducing the internal volume of already stretched shoes.
    silicone insole
  • Medical (orthopedic). Used to prevent joint and spinal deformities, the appearance of calluses and corns, contribute to a decrease in the intensity of painful sensations during long walking and frequent wearing of shoes with heels.

In the overwhelming majority, the modern insole for shoes has both cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Depending on the location of the silicone insole is:

  • Under the front of the foot. As a rule, it has an adhesive base for trouble-free fixation on shoes, helps to soften its base, has a preventive effect on the formation of calluses and rubbed, reduces the load on the foot, protects the legs from swelling and fatigue.
    silicone insoles for shoes
  • Under the back of the foot. Such a silicone insole is used for wearing shoes with hard backs, excluding the possibility of damage to the surface of the heel and the sides of the back of the foot; shoe size reduction; fixed limb fixation inside closed shoes.

What problems will help to get rid of?

Shoe insole made of silicone will save you from:

  • pain in the legs;
  • calluses;
  • feelings of discomfort from the inappropriate size of shoes;
  • constant sliding feet in shoes;
  • excessive sweating and unpleasant odor.

Silicone insole for shoes with heels - ladies rescue

The girl in model shoes is an excellentphenomenon. But as you know, beauty requires sacrifices, and in this case feet act. When wearing shoes on the hairpin, the greatest burden falls on the front of the foot.

silicone insoles price

The systematic nature of such loads can lead tothe development of flat feet. Silicone insole will protect its owner from the progression of this disease. Moreover, if such an ailment is already present, wearing an insole helps to relieve pain when walking.

Silicone insole for shoes with heels givessensations of softness and a sense of comfort. The device positively affects the forefoot, supporting it, the transverse arch and heel. Damping the foot when walking on his heels increases, preventing the sliding of the foot, which, in turn, leads to a decrease in the overall index of load on the legs.

Orthopedic insoles. What are they needed for?

Orthopedic silicone insole - shoe inserts with certain healing properties, including:

  • improvement of blood circulation in the lower part of the legs;
  • increasing the degree of stability in the stationary state and walking;
  • reducing the load on the ankles, knees, pelvis;
  • prevention of development of pathological deformations of the musculoskeletal system;
  • a decrease in the feeling of fatigue in the lower limbs.

silicone orthopedic insoles

Made of soft and durable polymermaterial silicone insole. The price of the considered accessory for footwear has a wide amplitude of fluctuation, depending on features of a design, the size and the manufacturer. It can range from hundreds to several thousand rubles.

How to choose an orthopedic insole

This insole is curative, so make the right oneThe choice in favor of this or that model will help the doctor. The doctor must first diagnose a foot disease (for example, flat feet), determine its degree and shape, assess the condition of the arches of the foot and the musculoskeletal system as a whole.

There are several ways to choose a therapeutic insole:

  1. Make a footprint. Features: easy to perform.
     silicone insole for shoes with heels
  2. To make plaster casts of feet.
  3. Use digital technology to get a computer snapshot.

The main criterion of choice - convenience and comfort with direct use of the liner. Choosing an orthopedic insole is a very individual process.

Correct installation is the guarantee of its effectiveness

The positive effect of using siliconeInsole can be obtained only if it is properly installed. Incorrect installation will lead to an increase in the likelihood of developing a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Shoes, in which it will be invested, should beto a size larger than usual. Silicone insole should be the only liner in shoes, wearing two is simultaneously prohibited. Therefore, before installing the liner from silicone, remove the factory shoe insole.

silicone insoles for shoes price

Only after this action is allowed to invest insole of silicone. Invested? Now try on shoes. Conveniently? If yes, then it is installed correctly.

Remember that properly installed silicone shoe insoles will never cause any discomfort to the feet.

How to care

Use silicone insole should not more than 12 hours a day. However, its use in the cold season is strictly prohibited.

Silicone insole is easy to clean. To remove dirt, it is sufficient to wash it with warm water with a usual detergent. You need to do this every time after your socks. Do not allow contact with chlorine.

It should also be noted that before gluingInsoles on the inner surface of the shoe should be cleaned of dust and dirt and allow to dry completely away from heating devices, excluding direct sunlight. Only after such a preparatory procedure can you attach the insole of silicone with the adhesive side inward.

silicone insole

If in the process of wearing it began to hold less qualitatively, it should be removed and rinsed again with water at room temperature, then glued.

Where can I buy?

Anyone can buywho needs it on his own initiative or as prescribed by a doctor. Silicone insoles for shoes, the price of which will be acceptable for you, and the kind - the most suitable, based on the purpose of their use, you can buy in an online store or any shoe store.

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