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Gel insoles for shoes: reviews. Gel Insoles gel insoles

People who spend a lot of time on their feet(walking, doing sports), often feel very tired by the end of the day. Legs swell, hurt. How to prevent such feelings? Use gel insoles!

Comfort of wearing shoes depends on its quality. Here, the shape of the pads, the size and type of heel, materials play a big role. But the quality of the insole influences the condition of the feet. Usually the standard ones, which come complete with shoes, do not help to remove fatigue in the legs. They do not have any damping properties, so they do not protect them. As a result, corns appear on the legs, in the worst case, the foot deforms.

Gel Insoles

Gelactiv gel insoles significantly improve the condition of the legs and take care of them. They are developed by the staff of Salford University.

gel insoles for shoes reviews

These insoles are designed primarily forplaying sports. But they can be used for almost all types of shoes, except shoes with heels. You can wear it even with sandals. The thickness of the insole is from 2 to 3 mm. The fact is that gel (silicone) insoles have different thicknesses in different places. This result can not be achieved in conventional insoles. Exceptions can be orthopedic insoles, in which special hard lining is made of strong materials. After all, with certain diseases, it is necessary to have rigid shoes that fix the foot.

Types of insoles

Gel insoles for Scholl shoes are produced inseveral variants. These are designed for sports Scholl Gelactiv Sport, everyday Scholl Gelactiv Everyday and insoles for the work of Scholl Gelactiv Work. Although the division is quite arbitrary. So, workers can be put on shoes "on the way out", and sportsmen can be put to work. Especially since often the work is not very different on the loads from playing sports.

gel insoles for shoes price

There is one more classification of gel insoles: on a gender basis. But here the division is even more conditional: gel insoles for men, sizes 42-48, and female, sizes 38-42. In the set they are a couple. If a man has a small leg, he can take advantage of the "female" option. They differ only in size. The weight of insoles of a smaller size is 155 g, large - 215 g.


Insole is made of thermoplastic elastomer, it is silicone or gel.

For the production of sports insoles use two types of gels:

  • A soft blue gel improves depreciation. It serves as the base of the insole.
  • Solid yellow supports the arch of the foot and fixes the heel. From it, the lining is made for problem areas.

The material of the white foam is located on the heels,which usually suffer during running. A sturdy arch support will support the leg during movement, and the gel pads will help to absorb almost all the impacts of medium strength.

The principle of creating daily insoles is similar, but white inserts are not used there. The base is made of soft cushioning blue gel, the lining is made of hard yellow.

To produce insoles for active work, a gray elastomer is used. The inserts of blue and yellow gel are located in certain places, the most affected by physical work.

Impact of the insole

What is the difference between the gel insole and the usual in what its advantage?

gel insoles for shoes scholl

Silicone insoles "Schole":

  • They support the entire body, redistributing its weight.
  • Protect against most small and medium impacts, softening their effects.
  • Reduce pressure on the joints.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Do not allow painful sensations.
  • Make wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Reduce fatigue.

Insoles for active work are shown to people suffering from sharp pains in the heels - spurs.

All types of gel insoles contribute to the prevention of varicose veins. This disease usually affects people for a long time forced to stand or walk without rest.

Do not promote sweating gel insoles for shoes.

User feedback indicates that they are not felt in the shoes, that is, their wearing is very comfortable.


Gel insoles after the purchase are removed from the package, cut with sharp scissors to the desired size. It is indicated by a special marking on the insole.

Take out the old insole, which is usually inany shoes. If it is not removed - lay on the inside surface. Install the insole with the gel part down. Its surface adheres well to the inside of the shoe. Therefore, in the process of walking or running it will not be necessary to exert efforts to keep them. They will not stick out of the open summer shoes. No one will guess that there are additional insoles.

The gel insole supports the vaults of the feet,longitudinal and transverse. Users note that they begin to feel relief when they walk, almost immediately after installing the gel insoles. After a while, the leg begins to move correctly, the heel bone in place.

Insoles for active work have holes forventilation, air-permeable. This allows you to keep fresh. But much depends on the quality of the shoes. If it does not leak air, then no insole will help to do this.

Feedback on the insoles of athletes

How do athletes evaluate gel insoles for shoes? Reviews indicate that with them almost any sneakers, sneakers are comfortable.

gel orthopedic insoles

Many people involved in sports, note the healing effect of the insoles Scholl GelActiv Sport on the condition of the feet.

Reviews of everyday insoles

Women, most of the working timeconductors on legs, note that fatigue after wearing gel insoles comes much later or does not bother at all. In this case, they insert them into ordinary shoes.

gel insoles with gelactiv technology

Gel orthopedic insoles help fixdeficiencies of deformed joints. Wearing usual gel insoles for orthopedic purposes should be agreed with the attending physician. Mostly they are used only to relieve fatigue in adults. In principle, they can also be used for children, but they were created specifically for seniors, with a certain foot size. Therefore, simply cutting the insole and reducing it to a child's size may not be enough. After all, in this case, the gel inserts will not fall on those sites that need protection.

Comfortable for the elderly gel insoles for shoes. The reviews say that they are not able to completely change the condition of the legs and relieve the pain, but improve the state of interest by 70.

The advantage of gel inserts is that theircan be used in winter and summer. Users note that the insole does not paint socks and shoes. Now in certain circles it became fashionable to wear shoes on a bare foot. Shoes with an insole can be worn without socks and tights.

Buyers note that the insole does not slip. A good adhesion is provided by the gel insert.

gel insoles for men

Periodically you need to clean the gel insoles forshoes. Reviews say that they are very easy to take care of. To keep them in good shape for a long time, just wipe them with a sponge moistened with soapy water and dry them.

Where can I buy gel insoles

  • In pharmacies.
  • In ordinary stores, in departments with orthopedic goods.
  • In online stores.

Cost of gel insoles

How much are the gel insoles for shoes? The price varies depending on the place of purchase and the manufacturer. Usually in online stores Polish can be purchased for 1850-1500 rubles. There are cheaper gel insoles for shoes. The price of orthopedic Everyday Chinese production is about 1000 rubles.

There is information that in sports stores their cost is only 300 rubles.


Gel insoles for Scholl shoes are recommended to store at a temperature of 15-25 degrees.

Do not use washing machines for cleaning. They are not soaked. Dry the soaked insole can be dried at room temperature.

If they are damaged by the water, the insole is thrown out.

The period of use of gel insoles is 6 months. But if they wear out faster, then you need to change them more often.

where you can buy gel insoles

In addition to insoles, on sale there are ultrathin pads under the heels. They help to solve the problems of certain parts of the foot.

If the buyer questions about the use of gel insoles or care for them, he can once again read the instructions that are attached to each pair.

Buyers like the insoles are packed in dense plastic.

Users note that the labels on the packagingcan be performed in Polish and French. Therefore, the classification may be slightly different, but in appearance it is easy to determine what exactly these or other gel insoles are intended for.

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