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Shoe insole - comfort for your legs

Simultaneously with the shoes, an insole was inventedfor shoes. But instead of the usual layer for us, we used ordinary hay and straw. And to improve this detail began only in the XX century. And initially for convenience, different models of insoles for the right and left legs were developed.

insole for shoes

Why are insoles needed?

Doctors recommend especially careful approach to the choice of insoles (or orthoses) in the winter season for a number of reasons:

  1. In shoes with fur (especially artificial), feet often sweat, and this can lead to the development of foot fungus.
  2. The shoe insole, if chosen competently, can protect feet from getting wet in rainy weather.
  3. Modern development of the insoles allows you to choose a suitable specimen that will help you get rid of leg problems (orthopedic or hygienic insoles).

Competent choice of insoles

In winter shoes there are already orthoses. Probably, already after some time after purchase you will start to feel discomfort. And if you initially correctly pick up the insole, even the worst pair of shoes can become comfortable. The insole for shoes can be anything:

insole for shoes with heels

  • The most comfortable orthoses are felt, they are excellentabsorb moisture, dense in structure, do not crumple during walking. But when strong frosts strike, a layer of felt will not save your feet from freezing, and instead of a natural material, you may have a fake - an insole of synthetics.
  • Perfectly protect from the cold fur insoles, butthey must be solid, not stitched from pieces, and along the edges they should be sewn to a special cardboard that does not soak from moisture. Woolen insole should have in the composition of natural materials, for example, linen fibers.
  • Insole-sandwiches are better to buy inspecialized stores. The upper layer of such insoles consists of a polymer that provides thermal insulation and has excellent damping properties. The lowest layer is a cork coating. This model is perfect for those who are very cold in the winter.
  • Insoles on metal foil have a top layer of natural wool, medium - polymer, and a layer of foil prevents the penetration of cold and moisture to the foot.
  • Insoles-deodorants - a real discovery inarea of ​​accessories for footwear. Thanks to the cotton layer with activated charcoal, this insole for shoes is perfect for those who suffer from profuse sweating.
    insole for outdoor shoes
  • Orthopedic insoles - a modern tool forkeeping the health of your feet. The special design supports the arches of the foot and restores the resistance to daily loads. Those who can not refuse model shoes, have a great opportunity to continue not to limit their preferences without harm to health - just order insoles for shoes with heels. Experts will develop a model in the shape of your foot, and then you will lose the risk of deforming the foot.
  • Gel models - insoles for open shoes. Thanks to such special gaskets, even the most uncomfortable sandals will become much more comfortable.
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