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Winter boots for teenage girls - an important part of the wardrobe

Shoes for winter should always be chosen withspecial care, and for the child even more so. The health of children depends on this choice. Ice slides and drifts will undoubtedly please children, but it is very important to prepare carefully for the winter.

Correctly choose the size

winter boots for teenage girls
According to specialists, the length of the innerpart of the shoe should be 1.5 cm longer than the length of the foot. It is in this case that the toes will not contract and it will be in a free state. It is necessary to know its width. Shoes are narrow, medium and wide. It is important to take into account the lifting of the foot when buying. Too narrow a transition from the foot to the shin can cause unpleasant sensations in the child.

What material should be

It is important to choose the material from whichwinter boots are made. For teenagers, girls and boys, the material should be of high quality and, if possible, natural. The imitation leather is short-lived, in case of severe frost it can burst. In addition, in wet weather, it can pass moisture. It is desirable that the boots were warmed with natural fur. Such shoes will be indispensable in severe frosts. In warmer days, boots on the membrane will do.

The right choice of sole

Choosing winter boots for teenage girls, it is necessary to pay attention to

winter boots for girls kapika
quality of the sole. It must be firm, and at the same time elastic. If it is too tight, it can hurt the foot. See how evenly the pattern is from the fingers to the heel. This will save the child during the ice.

Shoes should be comfortable

Long walks in the fresh air in the winterare possible only in those shoes that are not felt on the leg. This fully applies to the shoes of a rather popular company in Russia. Winter boots for girls "Kapika" are produced taking into account the requirements of specialists and parents' wishes. They provide an insole, which if necessary can be easily reached and dried.

Shoes must be reliable

The company "Kapika" uses in its winterproducts lining of natural or artificial fur. In addition, the warmth of your child's legs is guaranteed by a special three-layer insole, which is manufactured using special technology with foil. In such shoes, the feet of children easily "breathe". Winter boots for teenage girls from nubuck, velor or split are protected from moisture by hydrophobic impregnation.

white winter boots for girls
Beauty is necessary for girls

As you know, girls are very sensitive tohis appearance. Therefore, choosing winter boots for teenage girls will not be as easy as it might seem. Parents should not forget that in their family a real WOMAN is growing up. Therefore, when buying any thing, including footwear, its opinion should be taken into account. Go shopping with your daughter, pay attention to what models she likes. If in your opinion her choice is not entirely correct, tactfully tell her about it.

Perhaps your daughter dreams of having a white winterboots. It is very important for the girl that her mother approves her choice. Do not resist the child's desire, do not say that they are too marquee. Modern materials and technologies make it easy enough to take care of white shoes.

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