/ Effective methods of enterprise management.

Effective methods of enterprise management.

The process of implementing functions and management principles occurs when many different methods are used.
The methods of management are first of alla set of all applicable rules and methods that affect the managed object in order to achieve the highest performance and obtain effective results in the objectives set by the organization.

The very meaning of the word "method - metodis" in translationfrom Greek means the way that is intended to achieve the goal. With the help of management methods, the task that is set before management activity is realized. Describing and justifying the methods of management, it is first necessary to characterize their orientation, after that their organizational form and content.
The methods of directional control are orientedon the management system - firm, department, as well as people who are engaged in various activities in the organization. The organizational form is the influence on the concrete situation that has happened.

In practice, in the management process, as usual,apply different types of methods and their combinations simultaneously. In spite of everything, all management methods almost constantly complement each other and are constantly in balance.
It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that in each particular method of management, corresponding to certain rules, combined, a clear direction, meaningful content and organizational form.
In the current situation, the market is quite competitive, so that in order to achieve positive results, you must constantly monitor the functionality of your organization.

To achieve maximum efficiencythe activities of its own enterprise require economically competent management of its activities. Financial methods of cost management are what a qualified financial manager should have, including modern methods of efficient cost allocation in the organization's activities. As a result, knowing the technology and technology well, the financial manager can easily adapt to any changes in the market situation, plus everything can easily find effective solutions and the right answers.

Financial methods of cost management solve numerous problems.
These tasks include:
- calculation and modification of norms;
- creation of planned and accounting calculations;
- streamlining the regulatory framework;
- accounting for costs of production;
- search for savings reserves;
- Carrying out careful control over the amount of costs.

The methods of cost management are their goal, to continuously maintain the competitiveness of the products at a high level and at the same time the financial stability of the enterprise.
In order to efficiently and evenly manage the costs in an enterprise, you must:
- determine their nature and essence;
- classify them according to specific characteristics.

These signs provide an opportunityset the allowable or the minimum level of costs. And it will also be possible to plan, account and control by cost element. These opportunities and actions allow you to learn the most basic methods of cost management in the enterprise.

As a result, financial management methods include:
- taxation;
- planning;
- crediting;
- Forecasting;
- investment;
- Settlement system;
- lending itself;
- self-financing;
- rent;
- material incentives and responsibilities;
- pledge operations;
- trust operations;
- insurance;
- Leasing;
- factoring;
- stock-education;
- transfer operations.

In practice, cost management has in itself stages, which, in turn, are characteristic of all management processes, without exception.

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