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Reconstructive massage after a stroke

A stroke occurs as a result of an acute disorderblood circulation in the brain. Violation is very difficult and dangerous, threatens a high risk of death. As a result of limiting the supply of oxygen to the brain, its tissues die, and the brain is damaged by blockage or rupture of blood vessels. The causes are internal bleeding and hemorrhage, as well as blockage of the cerebral vessel with a severed thrombus.

After hospitalization of the patient and the coursedrug therapy, a person who undergoes a stroke undergoes a rehabilitation period, which includes various methods for restoring the body. Experts have proved that restorative massage after an insult effectively rehabilitates damaged tissues, muscles and the whole organism as a whole. Very often, after a stroke, a person partially paralyzes one side of the body or one limb. Complete paralysis is observed much less often. And restorative massage after a stroke is just needed in order to bring the damaged parts of the body and muscles into a normal tone. It usually takes several courses. For this purpose it is better to address to the qualified expert who works in the conditions of a hospital, and can and leave on the house in separate cases. Massage after a stroke can do and relatives, having learned this kind of massage with the help of Internet video. Now there are many different online lessons and there is nothing complicated in this. Especially at the end of the rehabilitation period, there is no need to call a specialist. But at the very beginning of the recovery period, a hand massage after a stroke or a leg should be done by a professional, because it is very important to quickly rehabilitate after a stroke. For the most rapid recovery, relatives or relatives should massage the damaged part of the body two or three times a day, so it will recover much faster. The features of the massage technique can be found on the Internet or by consulting with the doctor in charge, he will show you several techniques. The most strongly needed to work out the numb muscle region, and the tissues around it are massaged a little weaker.

Reconstructive massage after a stroke is enoughpainful, so the patient needs to prepare in advance morally to this, explaining that it will hurt, but this pain is useful. All people who have overcome the disease, first of all learned to persist in suffering. Massage is done mainly with tweezers, rubbing, clapping and pressing.

Restorative massage after a stroke is simpleIt is necessary, because it allows to improve the movement in the paralyzed parts of the body in a few months. The legs are easier to repair than the hands. If a person is suspected of having a stroke, he should be hospitalized as soon as possible, because early medical care and the beginning of treatment with full rehabilitation are the key to a successful outcome of the disease. In the hospital, the victim will make all necessary examinations, ultrasound and cardiac ECG, a brain tomogram, etc. Based on the results of these examinations, specialists will make a conclusion about the causes and methods of stroke treatment in each specific case.

It must be remembered that the person who survivedstroke, learns to do everything again - to walk, talk, service yourself. He is like a little child trying and trying to control his own body. Therefore, it is necessary to provide security at home and show love and affection, providing every kind of support to such a patient. Feeling care and love, he will have strength and optimism. The recovery period for all is different, but the psychological mood of the patient plays a big role - if he intends to live fully and manage without someone's help in a couple of months, then it will be so!

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