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The main signs of a stroke in men

In life, everything can happen. And if in your presence the person became ill, how much you can determine what happened, depends on his further health and even life. That's why we want to tell you about the main signs of a stroke. In men, this is a fairly common disease associated with impaired blood vessels in the head. Their rupture causes a cerebral hemorrhage that can damage healthy cells, affect the work of nerve endings and even lead to death.

signs of a stroke in men

So, what signs of a stroke can you recognize by simply looking at a person?

  1. The man's face becomes red-burgundy, breathing becomes faster, and the pulse goes off scale. He can complain of a headache and dizziness.
  2. Vomiting may occur.
  3. Numbness of the face and weakness of facial wrinkles are also the first signs of a stroke in men.
  4. Speech at the person becomes incoherent, indistinct, it is difficult for him to grasp the meaning of what is happening and to link even simple sentences.
  5. Can cramp the cramps of the limbs.

what are the signs of a stroke

In order to confirm their suspicions (signs of a stroke in men may be false), you should conduct a simple test called "UZP".

"U" - smile. That's what you should ask a person first. If he was struck by a stroke, then his smile will be wrong, skewed, with one lowered corner of his lips. This is due to the fact that a man can no longer control the muscles of his face.

"Z" - to speak. The speech of the man, with whom the trouble happened, will be like the rambling words of a drunk person who has drunk heavily. He will speak with difficulty, slowly, indistinctly and stammering.

"P" - raise. Give the assignment to raise both hands up. If the patient gets it, then one of them will probably be located below another.

With this test, you can identify the firstsigns of a stroke in men, to help and call the doctors - so you will be able to maintain health and even save life. Believe, this person will be very grateful to you. Therefore, if you notice the first signs of a stroke in a man, first aid should be given immediately to prevent irreversible consequences in the violation of the brain.

  • Unbutton the buttons on the wrists and on the collar, remove the tight and tight clothes.
  • Put the patient on a horizontal surface,However, try to keep his head as high as possible. Under it you can put high pillows or what is at hand: clothes, towels and stuff.
  • Immediately open the window and give access to fresh air if you are in a stuffy room.
  • If possible, place the legs of the male in slightly hot water. This will help drive away the flow of blood from the head.
  • Give the patient the pills prescribed to him by the doctor, if he had previously suffered from increased blood pressure.
  • If a person is already unconscious, never pour medication into it - so he can suffocate.

first signs of a stroke first aid

Remember that the life of a person depends on your actions and promptly rendered help.

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