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Water procedures in the treatment of stroke

Stroke is a serious disease of our time,the consequence of which is the complete or partial death of the brain, and, as a consequence, the cessation of the blood supply to the injured area. This, in turn, leads to disability of the person, his incapacity and requires a repeated social adaptation. In fact, after a stroke a person, like a child, begins to learn how to walk anew, and sometimes to talk.

After in-patient treatment, a physician, as a rule, is assigned rehabilitation measures, including water procedures, in the treatment of stroke which are irreplaceable.

They are very effective and their use is justified. It is known that the movements that are given with such difficulty to the patient in the usual environment, in the water will be light and more familiar.

Water procedures in the treatment of a stroke will help a person to feel about as before the illness, and this will positively affect his psychoemotional state.

Treatment usually begins with elementary baths, they are especially shown when the most unpleasant thing happened as a result of a stroke - the person became immobile.

Water procedures in the treatment of stroke are, first of all, a bath from the roots of dog rose. This useful plant saves mankind from numerous ailments, and helps in these cases.

In order to accept the procedure once,it is enough to cook the next infusion. One glass of roots is poured in three liters of water and cooked over a small fire for half an hour. Let's brew the broth for another 20 minutes, carefully filter the broth and pour into the previously dialed bathroom. The water temperature should be 38 ° C.

Such water procedures in the treatment of stroke are taken within 20 minutes and no more. Be sure to make sure that the patient was comfortable in the bathroom, and the water temperature was constant.

There is another way of water therapy possibleto spend with application of fruits and branches of a juniper. For this, we select a good quality branch. For one procedure, we need one glass of fruits, leaves and a part of the twigs themselves. All this is poured into a container, in which we will prepare a medicinal decoction and fill it with three liters of water.

Blend the mixture on low heat for 30 minutes, let it brew for 20 minutes, pour into the bathroom, as in the previous method. The water temperature is 38 ° С.

For effective treatment, thesealternate. For example, we perform 10 water procedures with a dog rose, and then 10 with junipers. In this case, after a week you will notice that your patient is not paying attention, and, most importantly, from the treatment with natural components will come to life on your eyes.

Care after a stroke also involves the use of a foot steam bath. If the patient can sit, for the treatment, put his feet on a chair.

In the interval between the bed of the patient and the chairStably put the container with boiling water. Then remove the lid from the pan, thereby releasing the steam, and carefully wrap the feet with a blanket so that the heat does not go away and the feet warm up. Watch for the state of health of the patient. This procedure ends with the pouring of feet with cold water. Do not forget that care after a stroke is a painstaking process and it is necessary that the procedures are taken by the patient with comfort and do not harm him.

For immobile patients who underwent a stroke, cold body wipes are shown. There is also a treatment associated with the use of cold water, which is known as the "Spanish cloak."

The essence of it is as follows. For the procedure, we will need a blanket and a linen sheet. We will moisten it in cold water with the addition of table vinegar. We will squeeze the sheet thoroughly so that the water does not run off, and we cover it with blankets. Completely stripped sick lay on the back, from the armpits and lower wrapped quickly sheet and woolen blanket, as if swaddled. At the same time, we wrap the neck with a dry handkerchief, and on top of the body some more blankets.

In such a "Spanish cloak," the patient will be 1.5 hours. Watch for the state of health of the patient. Please wash the sheets thoroughly after the procedure.

Let's return to the disease itself. Treatment of stroke is effective in the very first hours when there was a violation, but it is better not to wait for misfortune, but to learn how to prevent a stroke.

To do this, you just need to lead a healthy lifestyleand especially to monitor your own pressure. Remember that stress and insomnia exacerbate the risk of disease, so try to keep them to a minimum.

How to prevent a stroke? Doctors tirelessly repeat, take herbs: motherwort, hawthorn, lemon balm, mint, valerian. Harm from them with proper application of any, and preventive value is great. To drink them it is necessary daily, obligatory course in 3-4 weeks, 2-3 times a year. Also, in the prevention of this serious illness, the course of acupuncture and massage of the collar zone.

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