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Head and neck massage

Head and neck massage very often canprevent the appearance of symptoms of various diseases. It can be such manifestations as pain in the ears, coughing, knocking in the temples. As a rule, head and neck massage is performed simultaneously.

To prevent the development of discomfort,you need to know the location of certain points. The only, perhaps, difficult is the close location of these sites to each other, as well as to the blood vessels and glands of internal secretion. Therefore, head and neck massage should be done gently.

To begin with, you need to relax. Doing head and neck massage, do not hold your breath or talk. In the presence of muscle spasm, you must apply techniques of deep and superficial stroking.

How to do neck massage

As already mentioned, exposure to certain points (zones) will eliminate or prevent the appearance of various symptoms.

With raised shoulders, a zone is well probed, the massage of which is indicated in hoarseness, coughing, bronchial asthma. The point is located in the sternum, its semicircular notch.

Under the lower edge of the earlobe in the cavitya zone is located, affecting which such manifestations as tinnitus, excessive sweating, temporary deafness, salivation are facilitated. Massage of this point has a beneficial effect on the condition of those who are transported in transport. In addition, the effect on this zone is indicated with paralysis of the facial nerve.

Head massage. Equipment

Impacts, as a rule, are carried out by a small pin of the middle finger.

With noise in the ears, a sense of fear, dizzinessor irritation will help massage the point located in the middle of the parietal part. It should be noted that this is a zone of special attention. They think so in the East. Knowing about this point, you can remove the pain in the head of any localization. To do this, tightly pressing the palm to the crown, produce semi-circular movements. Traditional medicine considers this method very effective in dizziness, hypertension and even in stroke.

Taking two fingers (transverse) above the growth levelhair in the frontal part, an effect is made if a nosebleed suddenly started, palpitations began, or if a runny nose or conjunctivitis develops.

In the zone of connection of the temporal and frontal bone alsothere is a reflexogenic point. Massage of this zone will eliminate the soreness accompanying neuralgia of the facial nerve, migraine. Effectively, this effect with sudden onset tears or eye fatigue.

In the occipital region, in the center of the cavity, there is a zone affected by pain in the occiput, the appearance of nausea, and increased pressure.

Massage the last two points can be done simultaneously.

With increased fatigue, it is recommendedto effect three times a day. In the first half - in two or three hours for five or six minutes. In the afternoon, massage should be done once immediately after the end of work, the second - in the evening, one hour before bedtime.

Especially useful massage for those people whowork with constantly lowered head and tense vision. In addition, he has a very favorable effect on the state after stressful situations and emotional upheavals.

After carrying out point impactit is advisable to carry out a general massage, using techniques of deep and superficial stroking. The direction of movement is recommended for forearms from the parietal region.

Despite the effectiveness and beneficial effectmassage for health, there are people to whom it is contraindicated. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before exposure to one or another area of ​​the body.

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