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Preparation "Ceraxon": instruction

The medicine "Ceraxon" belongs to the groupnootropic drugs. As a result of taking this remedy, the volume of lesions of the brain tissues decreases in patients, and cholinergic peradacia also improves.

The drug "Ceraxon" is very effective for the treatment of motor sensitive neurological problems of vascular and degenerative etiology.

With craniocerebral trauma significantlythe time of post-traumatic coma decreases, as well as the severity of various neurological symptoms. Moreover, the drug "Ceraxon" promotes rapid recovery.

Form and composition of the issue.

The drug "Ceraxon" is available in the form of a solution intended for oral administration or for intravenous, as well as intramuscular administration.

In both cases, active ingredient is citicoline sodium.

Auxiliary components are slightly different.

Additional substances in the solution for oral administration:

• propyl parahydroxybenzoate;

• methylparahydroxybenzoate;

• sodium saccharinate;

• sodium citrate dihydrate;

• sorbitol;

• glycerol;

• purified water;

• strawberry flavor;

• Potassium sorbate;

• Crimson dye;

• Glycerol Formal;

• 50% solution of citric acid.

Additional substances in the solution for intravenous, as well as intramuscular injection:

• hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide;

• water q / u.

The medicine "Ceraxon". Instruction: indications.

This drug is prescribed in the following cases:

• craniocerebral trauma;

• ischemic stroke, occurring in an acute form;

• Behavioral disorders;

• recovery period after ischemic stroke;

• recovery period after hemorrhagic stroke;

• degenerative or vascular diseases in the brain;

• Cognitive impairment.

Before taking this medicine, consult a doctor, as the "Ceraxon" means there are contraindications, which can not be neglected.

The drug "Ceraxon". Instruction: contraindications.

In cases where the use of this drug is undesirable, include:

• age less than 18 years;

• pronounced vagotonia;

• Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Contraindications are not so much, but forget about them not worth it.

Medicinal product "Ceraxon". Instruction: overdose.

Due to the fact that the drug is quite lowtoxicity, the described cases of overdose have not been found. But still, you do not need to abuse. If the drug "Tserakson" does not help, it does not mean you have to increase the dose, which means that you need to think about the course of treatment with another drug.

Medication "Ceraxon". Instruction: side effects.

If you take the drug in cases of contraindication, or in parallel with any other medications, then there may be side effects.

Side effects include:

Allergic reactions:

• anaphylactic shock;

• itching;

• rash.

Nervous system:

• Excitation;

• dizziness;

• insomnia;

• stimulating effect on the parasympathetic system;

• hallucinations;

• headache;

• numbness in the paralyzed parts of the body;

• tremor.

Digestive system:

• vomiting;

• diarrhea;

• change in activity in the liver enzymes;

• nausea;

• decreased appetite.


• shortness of breath;

• short-term changes in blood pressure;

• Various swelling;

• Feeling of heat.

If any side effects occur, be sure to contact your doctor so that he can decide what to do next. Perhaps he will offer to cancel the drug and begin to be treated by another.

Terms and conditions of storage.

The medicine "Ceraxon" should be stored in a place where there is no access for children, and at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life of the drug is 3 years. After this period, use of the medicine is strictly prohibited.

Terms of sale in pharmacies.

The drug can be purchased only upon presentation of the necessary prescription from the attending physician.

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