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Reactive arthritis - treatment and prevention

Reactive arthritis is an inflammatory process injoints, which occurs after several weeks as a result of a reaction to a bacterial infection that occurs in the sexual, digestive or excretory systems.

Most often this disease affects people inage from 20 to 40 years, mostly muzhiny. Most often, reactive arthritis occurs as a result of a disease of chlamydia or gonorrhea, as well as food poisoning caused by the action of dangerous bacteria for humans, which can be found in food. There is also a genetic predisposition to reactive arthritis.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Reactive Arthritis

The main symptoms are pain and severea tumor in the knee or elbow joints, as well as in the fingers. In the event that the cause of reactive arthritis is an infection of the genitourinary system, it is characterized by inflammation of the relevant organs and constant urge to urinate. There is a long stiffness in the joints, while all lesions are asymmetrical. In addition, the patient may also suffer from conjunctivitis. Most often suffer from ankles and knees. The diagnosis of "reactive arthritis" is most often used to exclude other diseases, it is necessary to pass a blood and urine test to confirm the diagnosis. Symptoms of reactive arthritis can occur during a period ranging from 3 months to a year, in rare cases they can resume again.

Reactive arthritis - treatment of adults

It is impossible to cure reactive arthritis without decidingproblem with the infection that gave rise to it. Therefore, the patient is prescribed a dual therapy. For the treatment of infectious diseases antibacterial drugs are prescribed, as required, for the immediate treatment of arthritis, usually prescribed drugs called Ketonal, Wobenzym and Flogenzyme. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also used. With especially severe lesions of joints, injections of glucocorticosteroids may be prescribed.

Reactive arthritis - treatment of children

Most often, weakened childreninfection, can affect reactive arthritis of the knee joint. The cause of the development of arthritis is most often transferred ORZ, as well as infection with chlamydia from adult carriers and animals. The cause may also be intestinal infections. Arthritis in children is characterized by the same signs as in adults, but the consequences for the child's body can be much more serious. The doctor appoints special antibiotics from a number of penicillins for the period of exacerbation, and further prescribes a special course of physiotherapy exercises. As a preventive measure, it is recommended that the child's contact with patients be limited, as well as careful monitoring of the course of tolerable infectious diseases. A child cured of reactive arthritis needs to be very carefully guarded against infections, since the disease can return. If the doctor has discovered reactive arthritis in children - treatment should be complete. It is inadmissible to skip any of the stages appointed by the doctor.

Reactive arthritis - treatment with folk remedies

In some cases, the patient can not be appointedstrong antibiotics, therefore in this situation it is possible to take "on arms" folk remedies. As a rule, these are applications, ointments and compresses with active natural substances that are superimposed on damaged joints. As the main used animal fat or vodka, and active components are honey, fruits and dried leaves of various plants. If the doctor makes the diagnosis of "reactive arthritis" - treatment with folk remedies should be discussed with him beforehand.

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