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Arthritis is not a sentence!

Arthritis is a common name for various diseasesinflammatory: acute, chronic and recurrent. The general condition is as follows: malnutrition of the joint, accompanied by inflammation. Statistics argue that every hundredth person in Russia suffers from arthritis of these or those joints, and more often women.


arthritis is

Arthritis is a disease caused by the following causes:

  • traumatic;
  • immunological;
  • infectious;
  • genetic.

In simple terms, it is a violation of metabolism, infection of the joint. As a consequence - a marked deterioration in blood circulation, as well as nutrition of joint tissues.


As it was said above, arthritis is a systemic disease. He has several of the most common forms. Among them:

  • arthritis of the knee;
  • the hip joint;
  • the shoulder joint;
  • small joints (rheumatoid arthritis).

Medically, inflammatory solitary joints are called monoarthritis, and multiple ones are called polyarthritis.

Clinical picture of the disease

First, arthritis affects small joints, and only then large ones.

arthritis treatment
In humans this is manifested in pain duringvarious movements, as well as during lifting heavy objects. In this case, the sutava begins to swell. They become hot. The skin on the affected areas noticeably reddens. The patient feels his physical stiffness.

Naturally, you need to see a doctor right away. If this is not done in time, the already unpleasant symptoms will begin to aggravate more than before:

  • general weakness of the body begins;
  • fever;
  • in the blood the amount of white blood cells will noticeably increase.

As a result, arthritis will become chronicdisease, stretching for years. From time to time it will be accompanied by flashes of rather acute pain ... Do you need this? To prevent this from happening, you need to sound the alarm in time!

Insidious arthritis. Treatment

Before the treatment itself is necessary completelyTo be surveyed. This will help your doctor determine the exact cause of arthritis. The very same treatment is of an individual nature. Here everything depends on the degree of inflammatory processes, on their duration, on the main causes, and also on factors such as:

  • general features of the organism;
    arthritis of the knee
  • age changes;
  • degree of metabolic processes;
  • the nature of destruction of joint tissues;
  • presence of any diseases of internal organs and the locomotor system.

Fortunately, most forms of this disease inour time is completely curable! Today, qualified clinics use an effective method based on complex acupuncture, acupressure and other physiotherapy combined with the use of phytopreparations of general and directed effects. Experts argue that such methods eliminate not only pain and concomitant inflammation, but also causes causing disruption of nutrition and metabolism in the human body, as well as its worsened blood supply and decreased immunological function. Today, the treatment of arthritis is an absolutely safe procedure. Remember, arthritis is not a sentence!

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