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Arthritis. Treatment with folk remedies

The term "arthritis" can be applied to a widea range of diseases, but in the strict sense it is an inflammation of the joints, which occurs for various reasons: after illness, infection, trauma, due to genetic predisposition, birth defect, lack of vitamins, etc.

Types of Arthritis

There are several main types of arthritis. Rheumatoid, as a rule, affects people after forty years, and women suffer from it much more often than men. It is manifested by inflammation and pain in the hands, feet, finger joints, causing fatigue and insomnia, as well as serious damage to the heart, lungs, eyes, nerves and muscles. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis occurs in children of different ages in the form of fever, anemia, acne on the hands and feet. This disease is temporary and usually passes with the development and growth of the child. Infectious arthritis affects joints and fingers and toes due to infection. It is less common than the form of the disease caused by age-related changes. The most famous is osteoarthritis, which is characterized by acute pain and inflammation of the joints due to loss of bone tissue. It is a disease of the elderly, when the cartilage that protects the ends of bones with age, especially in the spine and legs, is erased with age, they become open and, in contact with each other, cause pain, deformations and stiffness of movements.

Folk methods of treatment of arthritis

Traditional medicine for pain in joints isheat. Dry heat in the form of compresses, a hot bath, even an ordinary bottle of hot water, wrapped with a towel and attached to a sick joint, bring relief. For the prevention and treatment of all types of arthritis, constant physical exercises are shown to support the mobility of the joints.

Non-traditional and folk remedies for arthritisalso based on the use of herbal medicine, homeopathic medicines, hydrotherapy and massage. All these methods are aimed at removing pain, increasing joint mobility, reducing swelling, strengthening muscle tissue. How to remove the severe pain that arthritis provokes? Treatment with folk remedies offers the following:

1. Apply a piece of ice, prepared from one large spoon of salt diluted in a glass of boiled water and frozen in a freezer, until it melts. Then, without washing off, apply a warming compress from several layers of soft wool to the affected area.

2. How else can you relieve arthritis. Treatment with folk remedies uses a tincture for rubbing joints, prepared from 200 grams of a crushed sunflower bag filled with a liter of vodka and left in a dark place for 10 days. The joints are rubbed twice a day, wrapping them after the procedure with a warm cloth.

3. With the help of a tincture of cranberry leaves, you can also remove symptoms and cure arthritis. Treatment with folk remedies offers a composition made from a tablespoon of leaves filled with a glass of boiling water, which are insisted for 2 hours. You need to drink medicine five to six times a day, before eating a tablespoon.

4. Therapeutic diet and the use of certain vegetables and fruits in the daily diet, as well as juices, is very helpful for various joint diseases. For example, eggplants, cooked in any form, or regular reception of May honey. An excellent remedy for such a disease is cherry. Twenty berries daily in the season saturate the body with vitamin P and substances that remove inflammatory processes in bone tissues.

5. Mixtures of vegetable juices also help alleviate arthritis. Treatment with folk remedies suggests making a mixture of the juice of one apple, carrots, beets, add a bit of ground ginger. It will be enough to drink half a glass of assorted food twice a day.

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