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Scary teeth with diseases

Who does not dream of a beautiful Hollywood smile,which attracts, fascinates? Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a smart smile. If a person has terrible teeth, then the conversation becomes unpleasant, disgusting. 90 people out of 100 after the age of 30 suffer from various diseases of the oral cavity. In the article we will list the top 5 dental diseases, under which the teeth become terrible.

5 place

We will begin with the pathological abrasion of teeth. It is a disease in which the hard tooth tissue decreases, the shape is broken. The pathology is quite common, it can happen because of:

  • improper prosthetics;
  • gnashing of teeth;
  • fluorosis, hypoplasia, other diseases;
  • bite abnormalities;
  • hereditary predisposition.

terrible teeth

Depending on the degree of erosion of the teeth, the dentist will offer treatment. For treatment, in the first place, it is necessary to get rid of the cause that led to the disease. The treatment includes:

  • elimination of malocclusion;
  • correct prosthetics;
  • changes in working conditions, if necessary;
  • timely treatment of the oral cavity;
  • wearing special caps;
  • strengthening tooth enamel and so on.

4 place

Polyiodontics takes rightfully the fourth place. It's not a secret for anyone that a person has 32 teeth - this is the norm. If the number of teeth in the oral cavity is larger, this is hyperdontia, another name is polydontia. Anomalies in growth and a large number of teeth lead:

  • to an incorrect location of the roots;
  • to a wrong bite;
  • to deformation of the dentition;
  • regular damage to the mucous membranes;
  • to the difficulty of proper care of the oral cavity;
  • to logopedic problems, a decrease in a person's own self-esteem because of this.

the most terrible teeth

Superfund teeth specialists offerdelete as a child. The dentition is formed at an early age, after the dairy. If you leave everything on its own, natural growth will be disturbed, and people with hyperdontia become the owner of the most terrible teeth.

3rd place

Periodontitis is a disease that is characterized by inflammatory tissue processes that surround the tooth. Characteristic:

  • gradual destruction of the joint between the bone tissue and the root of the tooth;
  • an increase in the mobility of the tooth, and as a consequence, its loss.

In most cases, the cause that causes the development of periodontitis is an infection that penetrates between the gum and the tooth and breaks the bond between the bones and the root.

the most terrible teeth in the world

With timely access to the dentistThe expert will not be able to overcome the infection with any difficulty. But, but what about the consequences? Restoration of soft tissues, after elimination of the infection will really go faster. But the ligaments that support the bone and the root of the tooth do not strengthen. Therefore, treatment consists not only in the destruction of infections, but also in the restoration of the ligaments that hold the tooth in the bone.

2nd place

Periodontitis is a disease of old age. Gum disease, which is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • bleeding and swelling of the gums;
  • suppuration of periodontal pockets;
  • Distortion of teeth and their mobility.

the most terrible teeth in a person

Again, we urgently need to turn tospecialist to receive timely treatment. First of all, the doctor will remove the dental deposits - plaque, which is the cause of inflammation on the gums. Then help drug therapy: rinse with "Chlorhexidine", "Holisal" (gel) in the form of applique on the gum.

As you can see, coping with the disease fairly quickly and simply. If you turn to a doctor in time, then you will not become the owner of the most terrible teeth in the world.

1 place

Caries. It's not a secret for anyone that this is a disease. If you rarely visit the dentist, then you can develop it. At an early stage, tooth decay is easy to treat, first of all the dentist will revive the enamel, which will help to strengthen. If the disease is protracted, it must be sealed. Prevent caries can be a banal brushing of teeth with special pastes that saturate the surface of the enamel with minerals and nutrients, nutrition should be balanced and contain useful minerals. More than 70% of the world's population suffer from tooth decay. It is impossible to pinpoint the causes of occurrence, there are a number of factors that contribute to development:

  • age of the patient;
  • diet;
  • bad habits;
  • dental pathology;
  • lifestyle of the patient;

In most cases, tooth decay occurs against the background of improper oral hygiene.

terrible teeth

When examining the oral cavity of problem teeth,the dentist selects the appropriate treatment that is right for you. At the started stage it is possible to state unambiguously that you have the most terrible teeth in the world. That is why this disease ranks first in our top.

terrible teeth

The most terrible teeth a person has is a consequencelack of hygiene, ignoring the visit to the dentist's office. Consultation of a specialist and proper sanitation of the oral cavity will not let you take first place in our top of the most terrible teeth in the world.

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