/ What should I do with my teeth? Sonnik Miller

What to do with the dropped teeth. Sonnik Miller

All people see different dreams. For most of us, dreams are remembered. And quite often we ask ourselves the question "What does it mean what is seen? Why did I dream about this? ". And, naturally, we want to get answers to our questions. For this, even in antiquity, dream books have been created that have for centuries accumulated in themselves different interpretations of what they saw at night. Most often, people dream of dropped teeth. A dream interpreter will help you to know exactly what they dreamed.

Teeth, according to most sonnics, symbolize the health of our loved ones. To see teeth with blood is a reminder of the presence in your life of very important official legal cases that need to be addressed.

Dream Interpreter

What does the fallen teeth look like? Miller's dream interpretation says that this is not a very good sign. Perhaps you will get sick or meet on your life path unpleasant, troubling people. Lose your teeth in a dream - unfortunately.

And what is the dream of a torn tooth? If you see in a dream, how a doctor tears your teeth, you will be seriously ill.

In a dream, see the normal number of teeth in your mouth - then you will return lost, valuable. Brushing your teeth will be a long and hard struggle for your happiness.

Do you have artificial teeth? - wait unexpectedly for the stormy trials. Losing lost teeth - the dream book says that you are in for a heavy burden, which will bring to nothing your works and will crush your pride.

If you have a tooth knocked out - bemore carefully, the enemies are preparing to strike in the back. Teeth are broken or destroyed in a dream - that means, in life your health or career will suffer from an intense load. Teeth spit out - relatives or friends will fall ill. The most terrible dream is when the teeth are jagged, uneven, curves, with visible defects. Such a dream does not bear anything good, it only foretells misfortunes to the one who dreamed it. The collapse of all hopes and personal plans, poverty, disease and nervous breakdowns even in healthy people.

One tooth falls into a dream - to sad news;if a pair of teeth - then you have to overcome a series of bad luck, which you will fall due to your own personal negligence. If you dream that three teeth fall out at the same time - beware, because there are terrible disasters. All the teeth fell out in a dream - wait for misfortune.

Sleep in which you see dentures -means that you will soon be in the company of your good friends. If the prosthesis is not integral (or there is a damaged tooth) - the news will be unpleasant to you, but in the end the result of the case will please you.

Milk baby teeth snows to good. If you dreamed the whole "set" of dairy teeth, then you will live long and well, your health will not let you down. Lose a milk tooth in a dream - to a new acquaintance or a change in the attitude towards a person for the better.

A very bad and terrible dream, if you tear out your teeth in it and they are spoiled, then you are expected by hunger and death.

If you dreamed like a tooththe film is removed and they become white and healthy from this - this means that your illness is temporary. When this malaise passes, you will come to your senses, bring your affairs in order and rejoice at the realization of your fulfilled duty.

Almost always the teeth in a dream - this is something bad, but there is an exception. Delight in the dream with the perfection and whiteness of your teeth, - wait for your dear friends, happiness and fulfillment of desires.

Nothing good foreshadows the fallen teeth. A modern dream interprets such a dream as a warning about the loss of immediate relatives.

And in general, pay less attention to all sorts of dreamsand always think positively, even if you dreamed the worst and worst. Do not attach importance to bad signs. After all, our thoughts are material, and if we wait for the bad, it will necessarily invade our life. Therefore, drive away bad thoughts and you will be happy!

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