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What to do, teeth are cut at the kid ?!

If usually cheerful and vigorous child suddenly sad, everything pulls into the mouth and does not let go for a minute my mother's breast, then very soon you will be pleased the first tooth.

How do children's teeth get hurt? Unfortunately, not all babies have the process of erupting teeth painlessly and smoothly. And quite often this important event is accompanied by a fever, whims, sleep disturbance. If now the little one turns away from the spoon and constantly requires a bottle with a mush or chest, do not refuse him. When the gums cease to hurt, he will definitely return to the usual diet.

what to do the teeth are cut

Many parents have a question: "What to do: teeth are cut in the baby?" First of all, it is necessary to make this natural process less painful.

During this period, the children's body is very weak, andThe increase in temperature may indicate more serious diseases than teething. Therefore, you should always contact the doctor. The doctor will prescribe special droplets or a gel of local action, candles that will eliminate pain. Gums of the baby should be lubricated with droplets or gel several times a day. They are absolutely harmless and well relieve pain. When applying the gel, gently massage the gums. If the painful sensations for a long time can not be eliminated, and the baby is very naughty, then candles can be used.

what teeth do

Teething, what to do? To help come toy-teethers. Everything that lies on the couch, on the nightstand, on the floor, the baby immediately needs to try on the tooth. This is what practically all the little kids do. In this case, cute teethers are simply irreplaceable. Buy toys-teethers only of proven manufacturers. Choose toys that are comfortable for a tiny palm shape. The choice of teethers is huge: rubber with water inside, with silicone bristles, saliva-absorbing, rustling, musical, hard or soft. What to choose - decide with the baby.

What to do? Teeth are cut! You can distract the crumb, offering him a useful treat. Give the baby a cleared apple, pear, carrot, baby cookies. That is, something solid enough. So the child will massage the gums and enjoy the taste. Just do not leave the baby alone, he can choke after eating a snack of delicacies. The period of teething is the right time to take care that the child receives a sufficient amount of calcium. Sour-milk products should be present in the crumbs menu from 8-9 months.

how teeth are cut in babies

The first tooth is an occasion to visit a children's dentist. The doctor will look at the state of the tooth enamel, evaluate the forming dentition, tell mom what to do. The teeth are cut, and maybe the very first tooth has already got out? So, it's time to take care of him every day. Clean first with a special brush or with your finger, wrapping it with a dipped in a water bandage. In a year, give the first toothbrush to a crumb and start to take care of the teeth together. The health of the permanent depends on the strength of milk teeth. If necessary, milk teeth should be treated to protect future permanent teeth from infection. Modern technologies allow you to treat your teeth without discomfort to your baby.

Now you know how to help your child and what to do. Teeth cut, and it's wonderful! After all, this means that the baby has risen to the next step in his development.

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