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Modern veneers on teeth: what is it?

In many clinics now offer to installveneers on the teeth. What is it, do not everyone know. Dentistry is developing, so there are more and more opportunities to make a smile healthy and beautiful. It is a question of thin plates which are fixed on an external surface of a teeth. They allow you to achieve the desired shape and color. The plates are made in accordance with the wishes of the patient. However, if you decide to install veneers on your teeth, what it is, only an experienced dentist will tell you, he will also choose the right option.

In what situations are applied

veneers on teeth what it is

Put the veneers on the teeth are usually decided by those whoneeds to eliminate color defects. This technology is suitable for people with impaired teeth shape, with their wear, large intervals between them, chips. The procedure is justified if it is necessary to close old fillings, the results of root canal treatment and various injuries. If you do not dare to install the veneers on your teeth, what is it, tell the former patients who tested this technology. Reviews are mostly good. Plates do not bring discomfort, serve for a long time and are invisible to others.

Installation process

how much do veneers cost on teeth

A dentist at the reception will determine the color of your teeth,using a special scale. Then he will refine them for a specific thickness. Next, a cast of the tooth is made, to subsequently make a veneer on it. While this happens, a temporary plate is applied. Usually veneers are made a couple of days. They try on teeth. If the dentist and the patient agreed that everything is fine, the plates are glued with a special glue. Special care for the oral cavity is not required - everything is as usual.


Do you want to install the veneers on your teeth? What is it, you explained. And did your doctor remember about contraindications? Plates are not installed if the patient has teeth with carious cavities, with different gum diseases. First you need to treat and get rid of all the problems. If you often clench your teeth or suffer from bruxism, then this technique will not work for you either. It will not be possible to carry out the procedure in the absence of enamel, and in the presence of large seals.

Types of Veneers

  1. Therapeutic. They are made of composite materials, with a direct method, that is, directly on the teeth of a person. The tooth is first grinded, and then the composition is applied step by step, along layers. At the end of the procedure, the surface is ground and polished. Such plates do not assume an extensive color scheme, in addition, they are not able to accurately simulate a natural tooth. The advantages include the cost of such structures - it is acceptable for most.
  2. Ceramic. To establish these veneers on the teeth, what it is, it is not enough to know. It will take several visits to the dentist. The process steps are approximately the same as in the previous case. Only a technician does ceramic plates for at least a week. From the ceramics create now and orthopedic veneers, they, in contrast to the composite, can recreate the transparency and color of human teeth.

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Finally, you need to clarify how much are the veneerson the teeth. Such a pleasure will cost an amount that varies from 3 to 50 thousand rubles. It all depends on the technique of making plates and the material used in this.

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