/ How is denture performed?

How is denture performed?

The absence of even one tooth delivers weightphysical and aesthetic discomforts, and also can cause health damage in the form of collateral diseases, including bite and teeth dislocation. To avoid such problems, you should contact a specialist who will make prosthetic teeth. Feedback on this procedure can be found on the official websites of the clinics.

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Methods of prosthetics of teeth

To date, there is a large number of new technologies in dental prosthetics. The specialist will be able to help in choosing the method of prosthetics.

There are removable and non-removable dentalprosthetics. Removable prosthetics include dentures, which can be removed from the mouth if necessary. Non-removable prosthetics include bridges, crowns, inserts, veneers, etc.

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Crown is a certain protection,with which you can support a weak or split tooth. Then this tooth will become a kind of support, which must be pre-sealed and correct its shape.

Crowns consist of metal alloys: steel, gold, porcelain, cermets and others. Dental prosthetics are performed with the help of metal-ceramic crowns, which are covered with a thin layer of ceramic paste, which increases their strength many times. In appearance, such crowns are no different from natural teeth.

Popular and crowns made of ceramics. Dental prosthetics is performed using the latest technology, which allows ceramic crowns to aesthetically not differ from real teeth. Their disadvantage is a high degree of brittleness and a number of contraindications to the installation.

For crowns do not use plastic, because it is fragile and quickly darkens.

Correct installation of crowns guarantees their service for a long time, up to 20 years.

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Bridges according to external characteristicsremind bridges, which are attached with the help of crowns. Such prostheses are made of the same materials as the crowns. The principle of such crowns is that with their help the tooth shape and its missing parts are recreated.

At cosmetic defects of a surface of a teethveneers will help restore them in a short time. They look like thin plates that attach to the front of the teeth. After installation, the veneers do not visually differ from the patient's own teeth, as they are individually selected by color. You can choose from a variety of materials: porcelain, ceramics and filling.

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A prerequisite for the preparation of teeth toprosthetics is anesthesia. Further the doctor conducts a grinding of a tooth by the diamond device, for its reduction from all sides on a thickness of a crown. Also, if necessary, the old fillings are replaced.

When creating artificial limbs, they make a cast of both jaws, after which a plaster model is made. It already produces a prototype crown.

Another method of prosthetics isprosthetics on implants. Such prosthetics do not require the turning of healthy teeth. In addition, the implant completely replaces the healthy tooth, surpassing it in strength and stability.

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