/ Useful tips. When does the child have teeth?

Useful advice. When does the child have teeth?

In the life of a small man of many stages,some of which are not pleasant. To them, of course, can be attributed to the period when the infants begin to cut the first teeth. Such a state upsets not only children, but also parents. Not everyone can withstand the constant crying of a beloved child. On average, the first teeth begin to appear closer to half-year.

When a child has teeth, mums and dadsit is necessary to collect the will into a fist and help the kid. The first signs of this event are fever, skin rash, sleep changes, increased salivation, loose stools and a change in behavior, the baby often fits and whimpers for no reason.

when a child has a toothache
Modern doctors, however, do not believe that thesesymptoms are associated with the appearance of teeth. In addition, the child begins to pull into his mouth everything that he sees before his eyes. We will discuss in more detail the first possible difficulties.

When a child's teeth are torn,a sudden increase in temperature. If the thermometer shows more than thirty-eight, it is necessary to take operative measures. You do not have to immediately use medicines, you can use homeopathy or folk methods. If you choose the latter, be careful not to harm the baby. It is simpler and most convenient to use an enema. To her, there is one single contraindication, difficulties with the work of the intestine. In any case, this method should not be abused. Modern medicine offers syrups and candles for babies based on ibuprofen.

When a child's teeth are chapped, he beginsmoping. This state is quite natural, because the process is extremely unpleasant. To somehow stabilize the situation, please your child with his favorite treats.

It is reasonable to use fruit orvegetables, as well as special baby baking. To ensure that the teeth are properly formed, it is necessary to carefully select the diet for the baby, the products should be maximally enriched with calcium.

When a child has a toothache, it's time to think aboutthe first hike to a dentist. At an early stage, he will check the correctness of the bite and tooth enamel. In addition, he can give advice for the future and general recommendations for care.

A universal and well-helping tool inthis period is the teethers. It is a ring of plastic, rubber or silicone, which the child can bite. When buying, preference should be given to models that contain water or gel inside. Such teethers for teeth can be cleaned in the refrigerator and cooled. Cold perfectly removes inflammation and reduces pain. It's a good idea to combine such an adaptation with ordinary gum massage: this simple procedure significantly reduces pain, giving the child pleasant emotions.

teethers for teeth
Be attentive to the quality of teethers,they should not be saved. The main requirements for the product are: quality of the material, light weight and size, the color should not be too bright not to frighten the child.

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