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Heaviness in legs

Many of us are familiar with such an unpleasant feeling,as heaviness in the legs. Its main symptoms are discomfort, pain in the legs, cramps, goose bumps. Especially it is felt at night, when you try to relax, and your legs still can not calm down, still buzzing and whining.

Heaviness in legs: causes

This painful condition can causemany reasons. Among the most important are weight gain and hereditary predisposition. Also here it should be noted pregnancy, and associated with it (and not only) the change in the hormonal balance. Provoke weight in the legs can and age changes. It is also caused by intense heat and overheating, wearing too warm or uncomfortable shoes, clothes. Heaviness in the legs may be a sign of some diseases: venous insufficiency, atherosclerosis, arthritis, flat feet, myalgia, obesity, etc. Only liberation from these diseases can save a person from an unpleasant condition.

A common cause causing heaviness in the legs -fatigue. This is the case when the heaviness in the legs arises from time to time, mainly at the end of the working day, and it is enough just to rest to get rid of the straining state. But, unfortunately, not all can fully rest, but not all are able. As a result, tension and fatigue accumulate and result in vascular or neurological foot disease.

To prevent the sad consequences, you need to learn to relax:

- lie down at the end of the working day, placing a small cushion under the feet and calves, and try to completely relax, forgetting about all the problems;

- foot massage, especially effective if it is done regularly;

- foot baths.

Good for helping to lift the heaviness inlegs, a bath with pine needles. For it you need to take 100gr. pine needles, pour it with one liter of cold water, bring the mixture to a boil. Then put it on a water bath for half an hour. After this, leave the needles under the lid until it cools down.

During the day, too, you should try to give legsrecreation. There is a possibility - lie down during lunch break with slightly raised legs for 10-15 minutes. Your feet will be very grateful to you for this.

If the heaviness in your legs often bothers you,pay special attention to your shoes. It is advisable to go to work in the most comfortable, not tight shoes with a flexible sole and a low heel. To promote normal blood circulation there will be also special compression tights, stockings or knee-highs.

Cope with the weight in your legs will help adequatephysical activity: swimming, cycling, walking, etc. During night sleep try to take the habit of putting under your feet a small, about 10 cm tall, roller, so that your legs are just above the trunk.

In the event that the heaviness in your legs is strong andconstantly worried, will still have to seek help from a specialist who can accurately indicate the cause of your condition and help in removing it. Self-medication in this situation often leads to the progression of the underlying disease and the development of complications, up to the occurrence of ulcerative defects, and, as a result, gangrene. And then it's too late to change anything - leg amputation is inevitable.

Which specialists should be treated with gravity inlegs? There are several options. To begin with, you can consult a therapist who can assess your overall condition. The ideal option, of course, if you have a family doctor who has an idea and a hereditary predisposition to certain diseases. You can also go to an appointment with a qualified vascular surgeon or dermatologist.

Many people suffer from heaviness in the legs,Only the heaviness in the lower back, in the head, can compete with it. However, you can try to at least do everything possible to prevent such conditions: to lead an active healthy lifestyle, fully rest, eat right and watch your weight, etc.

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