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Asterisks on the legs. Prevention. Treatment

The asterisks on their feet not only look enoughUnattractive, but also, as a rule, deliver a certain discomfort. There is a scientific definition of this phenomenon. From a medical point of view, the asterisks are called telangiectasias.

how to remove asterisks on your feet
They are somewhat extendedvessels. As a rule, the asterisks appear on the legs in the popliteal cavities. According to statistics, more than fifty percent of women suffer from telangiectasia. Recently, this phenomenon is typical not only for middle-aged women, but also for young girls.

It should be noted that the asterisks on the legs inmost cases do not pose a serious health hazard, unless they are the initial stage of varicose veins. As a rule, women suffer from the presence of telangiectasias, considering them a serious cosmetic defect. This defect provokes the development of experiences and complexes. Therefore, many women are looking for ways to remove the asterisks on their feet.

It should be said about the most commonthe reasons for the appearance of telangiectasias. Experts believe that one of the main factors is heredity. If the female line of stars on the legs were quite common, then subsequent generations of women fall into the risk group. It is absolutely not necessary that telangiectasia will develop. However, experts recommend taking appropriate measures.

asterisks on the legs

It is desirable to go in for sports. Classes by dancing, jogging, gymnastics allow to strengthen vessels and muscles. Excessive workload exerts a negative influence on the state of the vascular system of the lower extremities. If the work is carried out in a standing position, experts recommend that in the evenings at least half an hour be spent in the prone position with raised legs. Before going to bed, gymnastics is recommended. Positive effect on the state of the vascular system in general and lower extremities in particular, contrast shower. It is not recommended to wear shoes with high heels, it is advisable to give preference to models with a comfortable wide medium heel height.

Asterisks on the legs. Treatment

Specialist, which should be consulted whenthe appearance of telangiectasias, is called the phlebologist. As a rule, it is problematic to eliminate the vascular defects manifested by preventive measures. However, there are a number of medical-cosmetic procedures, with which it is fairly easy to get rid of unpleasant manifestations.

One of the modern and most effective methods is laser therapy.

asterisk on the legs treatment
For several sessions completely painlessyou can remove the asterisks on your feet. Penetrating through the skin, the laser performs in some way "sealing" the damaged vessels. The duration of exposure is several minutes.

Another popular method issclerotherapy. In this case, the introduction of special drugs into the affected vessels. They have a stimulating effect on the coagulability of the protein in endothelial cells. As a result, there is a "blockage" of blood vessels - sclerosing.

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