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Ovulatory syndrome - does it require treatment?

Ovulatory syndrome - a fairly common phenomenon among women. It is closely associated with the phases of the menstrual cycle, namely - with the rupture of the follicle and the movement of the egg on the fallopian tube.

Ovulatory syndrome: causes. In order to understand the reasons for this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to certain features of female physiology.

The onset of the menstrual cycle is accompanied bygradual maturation of a new egg in the follicle. This process is regulated by the use of sex hormones and neurotransmitters of the pituitary gland. Approximately on 14 - 16 days from the beginning of the cycle (this time is individual for each woman) ovulation occurs - the exit of the ripened egg from the follicle. It is at this moment that the ovulatory syndrome can manifest itself.

When rupturing the follicle, many women complain oflower abdominal pain. But the pain syndrome can greatly increase under the influence of some factors. For example, the movement of a mature egg can cause severe pain if the woman has any other diseases - spasms in the pelvic organs, gynecological disorders, inflammatory diseases, stress, mental disorders, physical overwork, hormonal failure, etc.

Ovulatory syndrome: symptoms. As already mentioned, the main symptom of such a violation is the pain in the lower abdomen. In most cases, the pain is much stronger from the ovary, from which the egg has emerged.

In addition, during the ovulation period, the patient oftennotice not strong spotting. This can be explained by the fact that the ruptured follicle has ceased to produce hormones, and the newly formed yellow body has not yet fully developed. In this case, a partial detachment of the uterine endometrium occurs.

Ovulatory syndrome: diagnosis. If during ovulation you are disturbed by strongpain, it is best to immediately seek help from a gynecologist, since it is possible to determine the presence of any abnormalities only after a thorough examination and all necessary tests.

To begin with, the doctor must exclude all possible diseases. To this end, we show:

  • Blood test for hormones - will help determine the time of ovulation and the presence of hormonal disorders;
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs - used to identify adhesions, inflammation, ectopic pregnancy and ovulation time;

If any serious problems are found, then it is necessary to start treatment.

Ovulatory syndrome: treatment. If no studies show anydeviations, then there is no need for special treatment. In the event that the discomfort is very severe, the gynecologist prescribes weak hormonal drugs that relieve pain and act as contraceptives. Do not worry about the use of hormones, because modern drugs used for this purpose, do not cause any side effects.

In addition, during ovulation, you can takespecial painkillers, as well as drugs that relieve spasm. This will eliminate discomfort and soreness. There are also specially created homeopathic medicines that will help cope with ovulatory syndrome.

In addition, you can try changing the imagelife. For example, proper nutrition, a sufficient number of vitamins and trace elements favorably affect the functioning of the entire body and reduce soreness in rupturing the follicle.

For the time of ovulation, you can try to give upplaying sports, and also from sexual intercourse - it can alleviate the condition. A hot bath and a warm water bottle on the stomach helps a lot. But these things are purely individual - there are women who relieve pain through increased physical exertion.

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