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Dry eye syndrome: treatment, causes and symptoms

Dry eye syndrome is enoughA common disease among the elderly. According to research data, every fourteenth person at the age of 50 years suffers from tear lacrimation. Moreover, the disease quite often occurs in women, rather than than men.

So, the dry eye syndrome, whose treatmentrequires a special approach - a complex disease caused by the violation of a tear film, designed to lubricate the eyes. This film, which is between the eyelid and the eye, protects the surface from drying out and pathogenic viruses.

The causes of the syndrome are many.

  1. Diseases of the eyelids, disturbing lacrimation
  2. Damage to the mucous membrane of the eye
  3. The use of certain types of sleeping pills, analgesics or diuretics
  4. Vitamin A deficiency
  5. Postponed operations on the eyes
  6. Multiple sclerosis

Symptoms of the disease

The initial sign of the disease areunpleasant sensations of a foreign body caught in the eye, combined with abundant tearing. A little later, dry eyes are felt. Characteristic signs are burning sensation, itching, redness. The main symptom by which you can recognize the dry eye syndrome treatment, which individually - the incessant burning sensation in the eyes (resembling sand, caught in the eyes).

The patient, who suffers from the syndrome, feelsinsuperable pain after watching TV. Disturbance or blurred vision is often detected. In some cases viscous mucus is released from the corners of the eyes. It is worth noting that the dry eye syndrome, the signs of which we have already considered, negatively affects the daily life of a person.

Let's look at the methods of diagnosis. No matter how it seemed, this syndrome is a rather complicated disease requiring additional studies to confirm. The doctor, before making a diagnosis, should measure the rate of tear formation and their evaporation. The procedure is carried out with the help of special drops, which react to defects in the mucous membrane.


Dry eye syndrome, the treatment of which requires certain skills - a rather difficult disease that causes negative consequences:

  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Appearance of scars on the cornea
  3. Redness of the eyes
  4. Loss of sight
  5. Sensitivity to light

Treatment of the disease

If you have a doctor's diagnosis - a dry eye syndrome, folk remedies will help to cope with an unpleasant disease.

So, what is the treatment? It is necessary to help the mucous membrane to retain moisture. The most popular method is the regular use of small tampons placed in the tear duct. And what can they do. You can brew strong black tea or dilute furatsilinovy ​​solution (2 tablespoons furatsilina for 1 tbsp boiling water).

With the diagnosis of dry eye syndromeit is necessary medicamentous. At the first signs, consult a doctor - an oculist who will confirm the disease and prescribe a suitable treatment plan. What can the doctor offer you?

Preparations of artificial tears - they sootheeyes and relieve an unpleasant sensation. If after their use the symptoms do not disappear, then they suggest using gley preparations. They have a fairly long action, and just as artificial tear preparations instantly cope with dryness and burning.

In some cases, the doctor suggests performing surgical procedures related to closing the channel responsible for the outflow of tear fluid.

So, the treatment is aimed at long-term preservationmoisture in the mucous membrane. Drops, which are a substitute for tears, give only temporary relief. If you are confronted with this disease, we recommend drinking up to 10 glasses of ordinary water, in order to ease your condition and nourish the eyes with the necessary amount of moisture.

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